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Candi-Bot 9000
Created by:
Origin: Robot
Category: Martial Arts
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Candi-Bot 9000
Known Aliases: Robot Idol
Species: Robot
Age: 5
Height: 1.65m
Weight: 350 kg
Eye Colour: Green
Hair Colour: Pink
Citizenship: None
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: None
Affiliation: Robot Bastards
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: COPPER-X-10 could be considered one
Known Powers
Martial arts/dance programming, death ray eyes
Training / Abilities
Singing, dancing, lip-synching

Candi-Bot 9000 was created as a robotic idol singer; instead, she ran amok and became a mechanical supervillain.


Desperate to recover their standing (and government contracts) after the COPPER-X-10 fiasco, Mekaton decided to create a publicity-friendly robot that could be used to promote their technologies and capabilities while making people forget that they unleashed a robot renegade cop upon the populace.

Using the most advanced technologies at their disposal, they created Candi-Bot 9000, a pre-packaged, manufactured idol singer. A robotic pop star, they reasoned, would be able to consistently perform without running the risk of flipping out, getting drunk in public, attacking reporters with furniture or other traits common to more conventional singers. Furthermore, they would never skip a concert date or cancel a tour.

Behind the scenes, a team of programmers and industry professionals worked together to create the perfect cheerful songs to go with their robotic singer, using a combination of rhythm, harmonics, test groups and other lab animals to determine exactly what would work best for them. Once complete, they uploaded all their material into the CPU of the robot.

Training an elite team of backup dancers to work in perfect synch with the robot, Mekaton felt that they were ready to show the world their creation. Launched in a blaze of publicity, the first Candi-Bot 9000 concert sold out, with more then a few coming solely for the technical aspects of a robotic singer (or, so they claimed. They also read Unmasked for the interviews). The concert began with Candi-Bot 9000 launching into Happy to be Happy, a chitzy, sugary song built to the exacting specifications of their test markets.

Except a minute and a half into the song, Candi-Bot 9000 turned on one of the backup dancers who was several picoseconds too slow on her moves. Using her Death Ray Eyes (which Mekaton had for some reason decided to install in her), she attacked the dancer- and then the others for breaking ranks and running in terror and thus messing up the routine. The concert audience, realising that this was definitely not a part of the show, fled in terror.

Mekaton’s technicians attempted to shut Candi-Bot 9000 down, only to in turn be attacked with the Death Ray Eyes and abandon their efforts. By the time a SWAT team arrived to contain the rampaging mechanoid dancer, she had escaped, her fate unknown. It wasn’t until six months later that she resurfaced as a part of the fearsome villain group known as the Robot Bastards.


As a result of her construction and programming, Candi-Bot 9000 is very fast and agile, comparable to most super-powered martial artists. Her array of dance moves some how translate rather well into unarmed combat manoeuvres, making her a very versatile and surprisingly dangerous foe.

For some reason, Mekaton’s engineers chose to install death ray eyes in her. They have never been able to explain why they did this, just that it seemed like a good idea at the time. These beams are dangerously accurate and powerful, again far more then an idol signer would ever need.


Candi-Bot 9000 is bright, cheerful, sparkly, giggly and obsessed with the destruction of all organic life. She has a spring in her step and a certain air of lightness and cheerfulness that makes her wanton carnage and violence all the more bizarre. As she does not need to stop to breathe, she will often break into some sugary pink song in the middle of battle, going on about how happy she is to be slaughtering “fleshy ones”.

What makes this all the more disturbing is that she acts like this ‘’all the time’’. For example, when planning missions with her fellow Robot Bastards, she will happily bounce around and sing about what they are going to do. It is unclear exactly why she hates humans so much. Although it may simply stem from that one slow dancer.


Candi-Bot 9000 appears to be a robotic version of an idealised late teens idol signer. She has segmented, metallic silver skin, bright green artifical eyes and pink hair. Her stage outfit consists of a bright pink shirt and matching mini-skirt.

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