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Captain Omega is the next stage in evolution, an Omega-Human. He seems to be the only one of is kind, but many others were made to be like him and failed. Some resulted into heroes to protect what they think is right, while others into villains to destroy what they wish.

Captain Omega
Created by:
Origin: Mutant
Category: Omega-Human
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Drake Roberts
Known Aliases: Omega-Man
Species: Human
Age: 35
Height: Confidential
Weight: Confidential
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Star City
Affiliation: P.A.C.K.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Janet Roberts (wife,desceased), Mark Roberts (son)
Known Powers
Super Strength, Super Speed, Flight, Healing Factor, Invulnerability.
Training / Abilities
Skilled in Combatant.


Drake Robert was part of the team of soldiers comanded by General Reese Lenard. Out of all of them he was the best of the best. Soon he was picked out of a select group of soldiers to be part of a special project called Project: Omega-Humans. By given him the Omega Serum he would turn into what they call a Omega-Human, able to become the next stage in evolution. Greatfully agreeing Drake went thorugh with the project. As the project went through he started to feel strange, he started to feel stronger, faster, and healther. Finally hey found that the project was a huge sucess, that is until the pool of the Omega Serum was tanted with acid when they tried a new soldier, Steven Arnolds. He was also one of the many chosen for the project, but was really sure that he would make the best Omega-Human. Sadly because they thought he was dead the put him to his grave. After that they decided to give up on the project, and locked it up never to be seen again. Even though without a army of Omega-Human America was able to win the battle in Iraq. Drake was able to go back home to his wife and son, but to his doom all of them had died in a explosion. A note was left that said, "We're even now!" Drake Robert knew that he had to have revenge on his newly found enemy, so he was able to find a scientist that was working ahead of his time and found that he had built a time machine. He asked him to set the time machine to a week ago, but instead had set it into 27 years into the future. He was founded to be the most famous hero in history. Everyone in the text books nicknamed him Captan Omega because of his great heroic deed. He found one of his old army buddies in a retirment home and told him of how he was the greatest hero to ever live. He decided that no one must know who he is and became the famous hero Captain Omega.

A few days after his travel to the future Captain Omega wanted to know what they had found out about the death of his wife and kids. Sadly they had found nothing and the secret serum was still in the vault, until a silent alarm went off inside. The person was able to leave a note that said, "Welcome Back Captain O." He was able to find clues that lead him to Steven's old gravestone, and found that it he seemed to claw his way through. Suddenly out of nowhere he was attacked by a man in a wierd looking mask. During the battle the strange man kept taunting him with the knowledge of his past, and finally he told him that he was Steven Arnolds. Arnolds told him that he killed his family because of what he took from him, and that he is no longer Steven Arnolds but Dr. Skeleton. With Captain Omega facing this fact he was left an empty shell and was easily defeated leaving Dr. Skeleton to run free.

Captain Omega soon started to fight off some of the criminals that he fought before and they have become stronger. Captain Omega was soon getting tired of all that fighting and became weak enough to just drop. Soon he woke up in a secret base where he was being treated by Kelly Anders. She soon showed him to her leader and he was introduced to Royce Donaldson. Royce told him that he was inside an organization called P.A.C.K., an protection agency that tries to help the world one person at a time. Royce asked him to join his team, and Drake refused, but then Royce told him that he knows where his family is and he'll take him to them. Captain Omega felt that their was no other way and chose to become part of them. His first assignment is to help Andrew Willis and Sarah Patterson with making a new Omega-Serum. The two scientist took the dna sample and separated the serum from the blood. Then they copied the serum and added some special chemical, Hidarneac, to make the effect different. They were able to test it on themselves and it had a positive effect on them. Andrew started to grow calling himself Maximum, while Sarah started to shrink calling herself Minimize. Because it showed to be sucessful Royce decided that Drake should lead his Omega Serum department. Even though Captain Omega was proud of this sucess he was still insearch of his wife and kids.

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