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Cassie Clear

Cassie Clear

Name: Cassie Clear

Actual Name: Cassie DuCli

Origin of Powers: Nuclear Radiation

Powers: Invisibility, liquid manipulation, acid skin

Equipment: Robotic right hand modeled after Bone Seven's, shoulderplates

Weaknesses: Lead, electricity, intense cold

Affiliation: The Guerrieri Di Crepuscolo

Allignment: Good, formerly evil


Cassie Clear was originally assasin-for-hire Cassie DuCli, a professional assasin who shot and killed Barn Owl's parents and nearly him. She also attempted assasinations on Bone Seven, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama. She was finally caught and put into a high-security superhuman prison by Bone and Barn Owl. Bone Seven's superiors in the United States Government ordered Cassie DuCli to join the Guerrieri Di Crepuscolo. She grudgingly joined, much to the dismay of her, Bone Seven, and Barn Owl. They were ordered to find and destroy a bomb in a Nuclear Chemical Plant in northern Canada. They failed to dispatch the bomb in time, and it exploded, sending Cassie into a chemical vat. Her skin was turned semi-clear, and it partially reveaed the bones underneath. It also damaged her eyes, taking away her ability to see, as well as giving her toxic skin that poisons anyone on contact, and the ability to manipulate liquid, such as water, or even hot magma. She still holds a small grudge against Barn Owl for not saving her, even though he was flying in range of her when she fell. Bone Seven has grown to hate her less the longer she has been in the Guerrieri.

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