the Champions of the Earth are a superhero team.

Founding Members Edit

Origin Edit

the birth of the Champions of the Earth begins in two places actually: Miracle City, New Mexico, and the Ghost Zone. When El Tigre's nemesis, El Arana, heard a legend that the evil ghost king, Pariah Dark, would grant whoever released him from his tomb infinite power, Arana jumped at the chance to find away into the Ghost Zone. However, Alpha Man's nemesis, Infiniton, had also heard this rumor, and decided to use Dark to amplify his already incredible powers. Meanwhile, Danny Phantom had began to sense that something was amiss, and headed for Miracle City, where he was subdued by El Arana's minons. While in captivity, Danny began to use his newly developed telepathy to summon several heroes from around the world, as well as summon Alpha Man to rescue him. Once he was freed, Danny explained to the others what El Arana's plan was, and that Infiniton was also involved. He also revealed that the only way to summon Pariah Dark into our world was to retrieve three artifacts of power: the Staff of Souls, the Emerald of Eternity, and the Gauntlet of Galaxies. These three objects, once combined, would summon Dark into our dimension, and free him from his tomb. While Alpha Man, El Tigre, La Tigressa, and Hyper Girl stayed in Miracle City to fight Infiniton's troops and El Arana's minions, three teams searched for the objects:

  • Samurai, Bluejay, Sharkman, Orca Girl, Micro Man and Silver Knight went after the Staff
  • Mystery, Oddity, Blur and Crimson Blaze went after the Emerald
  • Elelctro-Man, Dynamo-Boy, Jenny, and Danny went after the Gauntlet

However, El Arana knew they would do this, and had his men intecept and capture the team. Only Electro-Man escaped, thanks to Danny's telepathy. Back in Miracle City, the captured heroes witnessed the freeing of Dark; but just as he was about to grant El Arana and Infiniton their new powers, Electro-Man interrupted the cermony, and freed the other heroes. In the ensuring battle, Alpha Man, El Tigre, and Danny Phantom went after their respective adversaries. Danny managed to destroy the devices, and send Dark back into his tomb, while Infiniton escaped, and El Arana was sent to prison. Realzing how great it was working together, the heroes decied to unite against the forces of evil, should anything like this happen again. Using the mansion that belonged to El Tigre's mother, the group called themselves the Champions of the Earth, and always answer the call of justice when needed.

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