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Feeding Time

Claudia is a unique Umbral.

Conversion Edit

It is not entirely clear what her motives for obtaining Shade powers were, but it is known she was an explorer of the vast Siberian steppes in Russia. During one of her archaeological trek's, her group encountered a massive cliff face, that couldn't be created naturally. Further investigation revealed a cleverly hidden doorway, and the group became famous for uncovering what was later discovered to be a hideaway of the infamous Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin. The hidden passages deep inside the hideaway, however, revealed a different story. A vast networks of underground temples revealed an ancient city the likes of which the human world had ever known, a place carbon dating had termed predated mankind. Claudia herself received massive funds from private companies and several government agencies to continue the intense exploration already underway, and whilst she was doing so in the years that passed, she uncovered a small room, inconspicuous and filled with nothing but a dried inkwell and rotten wood chair. On the chair, placed rather haphazardly, was a book. The curious woman picked it up, looking upon the crinkled page that had been left open for centuries. An odd design was doused in blood on the page, and she ran her fingers over it, subconsciously mouthing the words on the page as she did so. It would be her undoing. The shadow's of the room blocked the only escape route, and then they struck, tearing through her orifices and consuming her very soul. The ancient foundations of the city shifted during the incident, and her attempts at pulling the darkness from herself were fruitless as all light ceased to exist in the miles of underground tunnels. Her last thoughts were of being mentally and physically eviscerated.

But then she coughed, and dust flew forth through the stagnant air. The area around herself had been hollowed away, and as she looked about in the darkness, she felt a presence within herself. She no longer even felt herself, but she was still real. She existed, did she not ? An odd luminescence appeared, and it was revealed to her as the eyes of a human silhouette, beckoning her forth with its silent glow. Her essence was wrapped in its somber embrace, and she felt whole again.

Powers Edit

Claudia is not a regular Umbral, in the fact that she did not achieve her status by her own will. Claudia is a living ghost, seen by all, but not truly in the same plane of existence. She is only Claudia in mental essence, as her "image" has been commandeered by the living darkness. Because she willingly became entrapped inside the shadow-being, her personality still exists and asserts partial influence over the actions of her shadow entity. She exists as an intangible being, simply a shape that moves through the air, never touching a solid surface. She can only lift things with tendrils of darkness, and emits a soft white glow, unlike other Umbrals, who act like black-holes.

Another strange form of her abilities is that she can spread her "infection" by simply floating through or "touching" others, in essence an Umbral zombie, and in this way she has formed a small feral pack similar to those of the Abominations, although more deadly. She exerts control over them, almost like pets, but they generally do as they please.

The infected do not have shadow abilities, but feel no pain, fear, or remorse from any wound, and enemy, or anything they do. In fact, they are completely human, but do not show it in anyway but form. They have become lost inside their own souls, and their bodies are controlled by the smallest part's of Claudia's shadow-entity.

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