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Created by:
Origin: Mutant/Cyborg
Category: NA
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Bloodshatter
Species: Mutant
Age: Unknown
Height: 190cm
Weight: Lots
Eye Colour: Yellow/Black
Hair Colour: Blond
Citizenship: None
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Unknown
Affiliation: None, formerly Extreme Force
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Bio-regeneration, super-strength, super-leaping
Training / Abilities
Martial arts training
Electromagnetic Cannon, Katana

Clenchjaw is a renegade superhero with a short temper, fragile ego and a penchant for ultra-violence.


Bloodshatter (his true name unknown, apparently even to him) is himself something of an enigma. An amnesiac, he has no clear memory of his past. He claims, however, to be from the future; some bizarre, dystopian world wracked by constant warfare between humans and mutants such as himself. As to how he arrived in this time and why is unclear, all he knows is that he is a fugitive from his own time.

However, arriving in this world, Bloodshatter felt the need to fight against evil. Unfortunately, his methodology consisted simply of shooting first and asking questions later. Any villain he encountered would be subject to this sort of approach. He believed in “extreme justice” and that all criminals deserved to die, regardless of their crimes. He was judge, jury and executioner.

This attitude quickly alienated him from many other superheroes who saw his methods as too extreme and his personality as unstable. Unfortunately, it also attract a small crowd of followers, a group of like-minded would-be heroes who thought that killing villains was “cool” and the “right thing to do”.

For a short time, his “Extreme Force” fought crime in their own way, dealing out arbitrary justice at the end of a gun. While many praised the group, many more felt that they were going too far. The team became somewhat ostracised from the rest of the hero community who were ever increasingly reluctant to deal with them; on several occasions the Extreme Force clashed with other heroes who they felt were “getting in their way” and being “too soft on crime”.

Things came to a head during a clash with the supervillain Desolator; after disabling his massive railgun (and making him feel rather inadequate) she then taunted him, calling him “Clenchjaw” before escaping. Within days, the name was circulating through the superhero community and being used to openly mock him and his team by those who disagreed with his methods and approach. The name infuriated Bloodshatter, especially as people began using it to identify him, all but forgetting his “real” codename in short order.

Loosing his temper, he snapped and arbitrarily disbanded the Extreme Force, feeling that its members were belittling him and holding him back. Since then, he has vowed to fight crime and dispense “extreme justice” and reclaim his name, regardless of who he has to beat up in order to do it.


Clenchjaw is a mutant from the future, born with inherent abilities. Far stronger then a normal human, he is also very resilient. Furthermore, he has an advanced mutant regeneration factor that allows him to recover from harm. The full extent of his regenerative capabilities are unknown. Additionally, he has an innate ability to detect other mutants.

However, he is most known for his massive railgun, his signature weapon. Seemingly too heavy for a normal person to lift, it is capable of firing a wide variety of ammunition to allow him to mow down his foes in whatever form of overkill he deems necessary. He seems to be somewhat overly emotionally dependant on the gun; when it was disabled once by Desolator, he seemed to have a nervous breakdown.

Besides his gun, Clenchjaw has a cybernetic right arm, presumably coming from the same futuristic time period that he and his weapon came from. Similarly, he carries a futuristic sword that resembles a katana; and appears to be highly proficient with it.


Clenchjaw describes himself as a hero, but it is very hard to see him as such. He believes in what he calls “extreme justice”; all crime deserves to be punished by the death of the offender; specifically at his hands. He can’t stand anyone who gets in his way, be they other superheroes with stronger morals, or even legitimate law enforcement agencies. To his mind, it is his way or nothing else.

He seems to have a rather fragile ego, and is prone to enraged fits of anger if provoked or insulted. The best way to do such is to call him “Clenchjaw”, which is somewhat problematic as everyone seems to do such. He also tends to lose his temper when people disagree with him, argue back to him, point out flaws in his approach, have contrary opinions or generally are around him.

He is trying to find out more about his past; he knows that he’s from the future, but he doesn’t know much beyond that. He believes that he was once a ninja, and is pretty convinced that he was once hunted by the evil, oppressive forces of the future government and their anti-cyber-mutant death squads.


Clenchjaw’s appearance is very distinctive; his mutant physiology gives him a rather bizarrely distorted physique. He has a massive barrel chest, thick arms, chunky fingers and tiny, tiny feet all with thick muscles that appear to be constantly tensed. His right eye glows yellow, while the left one is so small it appears to be closed. He wears a constant grimace that lead to his unfortunate nickname.

He wears a bright yellow and red bodysuit that unfortunately emphasises his physique in somewhat distressing ways. His cybernetic right arm is clearly visible with no sleeve covering it. His uniform is adorned with innumerable pouches, most of which are too small to be of any actual use and are in places he couldn’t easily access anyway. Clenchjaw does not maintain a secret identity, and probably wouldn’t be able to anyway.

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