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The Confederation of Humanity is the allied states of the planet Earth, as controlled by the human race.

Flag of the CoH

History Edit

The United Nations was the leading organization of the human race, actively defending the Earth against internal, and later, external threats. However, humans are a greedy race, and mistrust and suspicion clouded the national leaders minds, keeping them from forming a concrete force to fight the many wars around the world.

The mutant groups already actively engaging the human race were under supplied, few in number, and scattered across the globe.

The dastardly extra-dimensional Amalgam lured them into the newly founded Mutant Alliance with traitorous human followers filling their ranks along with millions of mutants, and the supplies they needed were ferried to the mutant rebels. As the Alliance grew global, the wars intensified into a single world war, dubbed, of course, World War 3, or the Mutant-Human War for idiots.

For 4 years the war raged with the mutants gaining copious amounts of land and winning hundreds of battles, the human race couldn't withstand the combined attack by superior beings, beings that were lead by a tactical genius and supported by some within the United Nations own hierarchy !

The decisive attack was a dual land, sea, and air invasion of New York City and Washington, DC. They were the 2 most important cities in the United States of America, the world strongest nation. These cities were the most important in the world, being America's capital and the United Nations as well.

DC was heavily defended, yet crumbled with the Alliance's direct nuclear strike to the Washington monument, followed by direct ground occupation (Mutants are unaffected by radiation).

New York City was a sprawling metropolis, and it had to be taken, as the stronghold in the West had been breached by chemical and nuclear engagements. Humanity was getting desperate, and literally, for the first time in history, engaged in a total war, one where everyone everywhere was fighting for the same purpose, regardless of nationality, political footing, or language barriers.

Humanity was united as one, and this strength kept the Alliance from smashing the United Nations capitol building (AKA the U.N. building).

The war turned against the Alliance when the Legion of Vigilance began to systematically hunt down its ranking members and assassinate, or if possible, capture and interrogate them. Most of these had to be assassinations, and with the threat of a quite strong group of superheroes that were also able to strike anywhere on the planet in a matter of hours, Amalgam had to be one the move constantly.

"We had F-22 sorties following her energy signature, it was detected in Yorkshire, Beijing, Iqualit, Paris, and even in Ross Station, yes Antarctica ! How could we keep up with her ? This was happening by the hour !"
—Her location was described in one list by a Legion underling as the former...

It was at stalemate, the war was bogged down, but neither side could possibly give in, as either side would be doomed to be an endangered species.

And then, the Makata invaded.

The alien fleet annihilated every large city on the planet, somehow activated all nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons in either sides arsenal, and created an apocalypse that would take scores, if not centuries to recover from.

The Alliance, the Legion, and the United Nations had to come together as one and defeat the Makata, and they more or less did, with the help of a certain Possessor and of the heroes and "heroes" within the mutant population.

With the bulk of the threat gone, they went straight back to hating each other, but the only problem was, this left the Alliance with a rather large area of control over the world. Humanity crumbled, as the United Nations fought separately for their own states survival, although most of the leaders later came to consensus that a new force would be needed for humanity to rise to a level that wasn't on the Endangered Species list.

And thus, the foundations for the Confederation of Humanity was built with the pounding of nails, and the simultaneous applause of millions of humans as the tide seemed to turn.

Military Edit

Manpower wise, the Confederation's combined armed forces outnumber those of the Alliance by a 2:1 amount.

However, thats just numbers.

The Confederation has inadequately trained soldiers, separated by thousand mile distances, and incapable of the precision engagements the United States and most of the greater powers used to be able to undertake in mere hours.

The Navy operates in secret, formed almost entirely of nuclear Iranian, British, and American vessels, is the pride and joy of the nations armed forces, as it supplies the different states of he Confederation with anything they may need.

The Air force is far superior to the Alliance's in almost every aspect, although this is mainly in training and numbers. All the branches are deficient in fuel, vehicles, and supplies, as the Alliance and the Makata combined wiped out most of the worlds armed forces in a fell swoop of destruction.

Demographics Edit

Map of Post Apocalyptia

The Confederation is divided globally, and its main goal is linking its sections on land, while supplying this cause by sea and air.

The America's - The Confederation administers land in Quebec, Newfoundland, and other small area's of the former Canadian provinces. It also defends most of the southern states of the United States, and New York, despite the large gap in North Carolina keeping the two from effectively sharing resources and mounting an efficient attack against the Alliance territory (which, separately, would result in annihilation).

In South America it controls all land from Colombia and Venezuela down, excluding Tierra del Fuego and a large section of Peru and Brazil (the former is too cold to inhabit in large number, especially with nuclear climate changes).

Asia - India and sections of China remain under direct Confederation control, as well as other member states in Central Asia. These 2 are separated by the Alliance land in Afghanistan, and are currently under siege.

Most of the Arabian peninsula is under Confederation control as well, providing oil and other needed services (such as manufacturing and such) for the rest of the Confederation members.

Most of the Indonesian islands and sections of Australia remain under human control too.

Africa - Eritrea and parts of Somalia are under Confederation dominance, they are used to keep the Alliance from attacking Arabia.

Almost all of Southern Africa is under Confederation control, from the Cape to Zanzibar.

Europe - Split between human controlled area's and large masses of irradiated zones. The Confederation controls most of it, with only the far southern coastlines dominated by the Alliance.

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