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The Consortium
Created by: ghost47
Origin: Science
Category: Supervillians
Status: Alive
Personal Data
Real Name: Alex Turner
Known Aliases: The Consortium
Species: Human (Previous)

EVI (present)

Age: 15
Height: 6 feet 11 inchs (Previous)

Varies (present)

Weight: 110 pounds (Previous)


Eye Colour: Grey (Previous)

Varies (present)

Hair Colour: Black (Previous)

None (presnet)

Citizenship: USA
Place of Birth: New York City
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Ground Omega, USA
Affiliation: The Consortium and anyone willing to pay
Marital Status: Alone
Known Relatives: Consortium (Versions of himself)
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
His bodies
I am Alpha-Omega the Beginning and The End... and this is the beginning of YOUR end

The Consortium is a minor foe of Abraxx and The Servents of The Godly Being known as Calamity. The Consortium also does battle with Basilisk.


The Consortium was born when a science fair project build by Alex Turner went horribily wrong and split Alex`s persnality into five diffrent bodies... always being picked on Alex saw this as his chance to get back at everyone. He chose the name Consortium for he was no longer one person but a group.

Present Adventures of ConsortiumEdit

After killing and destorying the lives of many Alex now split into diffrent bodies with complety diffrent personalitys decided to become a mercenary for hire. Quickly getting hired for such jobs as assassinations, seach and destroying, mass chaos, and hacking missions for large amounts of money. Alpha deciding that they should start a job of bounty hunting as well knowing that many people would pay big bucks to get a superpowered person or a world leader given to them for a price. After Calamity`s hunt for his foes, the Consortium have pleadged their souls and lives to Radson Roth in exchange for power and their lives.


Alpha (purple) is calm and intelligent

Gamma (green) is angry and always mad

Delta (Orange) Is always excited and acts like a child

Epsilon (blue) is a lier and a cheat

Theta (white) is a person always making jokes and laughing

Omega (red): a prideful being who always thinks of others as foolish and stupid


Technology Manipulation: Alpha (Purple) can control the flow of intricate machinery and can allow them to assemble or disengage their programming at will. Can operate most technology just by touching or looking. A variation on Electric Manipulation, Alpha controls specific electrons and instructs them which items to engage or disengage. Alpha can even use the electric impulses to gently control smaller metal parts. Alpha may also overload other machines. Overloading machines either makes it break, explode, work faster or better. Alpha can cause the other members and himself to go into Overload mode. Alpha may also control his own body to make blades, guns, and other weapons. He can also generator pulses that disable electronics and mental powers. These pulses can also be used like a push that makes objects go flying. The Consortium can also absorb other parts of Technology to get stronger and work better

Time Control and Teleport: Gamma (green) can manipulate time, accelerating, slowing, stopping and even rewinding or looping it either for themselves, other objects/people and/or areas so that he may fix mistakes anyone of the Consortium makes.Gamma can also move somewhere without physically traveling. Gamma thinks of a destination and can appear there at will. His molecules travel at the speed of light then rearrange at a diffrent location. Gamma can also teleport parts of people away from themselves causing them to die.

Energy Manipulation: Delta (orange) can manipulate energy within kinetic atoms, protons, neutrons, or electrons and convert the energy into a type of yellowish lightning, through its not truely lightning its just pure visible energy, that he can control.He can move, alter, or stop energy in themselves, objects, beings, or space. Delta can convert one type of energy into another, store it within his body, and release it upon command. Delta can remove someones energy from their body causing death.

Matter Manipulation: Epsilon (blue) can control matter in the shape of water, air, earth, and fire, This matter manipulation dives into other powers as well allowing Epsilon to control ice and lighting.

Telekinesis: Theta (white) has the power of Telekinesis and can control objects with his mind. He can lift himself and the other Consortium members causing them to be able to fly or hover.

Superhuman qualities : Alex Turner has superhuman quilities since he is no longer a human being. These qualities are speed, strength and endurance. They have the speed to outrun the fastest car, the strength to rip through tanks and other heavily armored things, and the endurance to be struck blow between blow for days since he is no longer human and since he has no muslces he can or they can never tire. Their reflexs are fast enough that they can dodge bullets when aware of where they are coming. When Omega is formed all of theese qualities are increased tenfold

Nanite Regeneration: The nanites that inhabite Alex`s bodies can join together to form bodies such as the Consortiums. With this said Alex can regenerate from explosions and other deadly effects. When injuryed in a way that would destroy apart of Alex the nanites lose form and it appears as if that part of his body is shattering... but this effect only lasts a couple seconds because the nanites just join back together.

Omega Form: When the whole team of Consortium is put into the overdrive stat, Alpha can merge their nanites into one body that forms a entirly new personality with all their powers. When in Omega forn the Consortium have accese to a number of weapons such as two high power energy whips, projectile weaponry and bladed weaponry from out of no where. When these HPEWs come in contact with living beings the high rate of electricity causes many beings to become stunned and almost shocked to death.


The Consortiums Omega Form


360 Vision: The Consortium all share vision with each other and so cant be taken by suprise since they see what they all see.They use this to their advantage and should one member be fighting another living being the three other Consortiums will stand around them watching all angles to make sure that the fighting member cant be taken by surprise. Knowledge: If even one member of the Consortium knows of somthing, they all know of it.

Shared Mind: They Consortium speaks telepathicly to each other since they all share the same mind.

Nanite Bodies: The Consortium have no need for air or nurisment. Also since their or His (depends on form) body is just billions of tiny machines Omega can

No Powers: Since they have no true powers since they are just machines with intelligence and special qualities their powers cant be stolen or deactivated

'Nanites': The members of Consortium constantly let out tiny machines known as nanites into the air. These nanites then flow into living beings or other machines (cybrogs, andriods, and ETC). These nanites then can be controlled by Alpha (Purple) to kil, enhance, or disable the things the nanites inhabit.

Formation: The members of Consortium take a formation in battle. The formation is to protect Alpha who can heal and bring the group back to working condition should they fall in battle. Its a square with Gamma in the top left corner, Theta in the top right corner. Epsilon in the lower left corner and Delta in the lower right corner. With Alpha in the middle.


Range: The Consortium quickly lose effectiveness when put into large distances away from each other.

Water: Water causes their Nanites to short-ciruit causing them to fall apart for a few minutes before they reactivate.

Weakend: If Omega is for any reason weakend he will burst into the orignal forms of the Consortium

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