Brief FactsEdit

Sex: Male

Birthplace: Constantinople Rome 352 A.D.

Nationality: None

Height: 6 ft 8 inches

Weight: 399 lbs.

Abilities: Immortality,  Beyond Super human strength, Beyond super human speed, Beyond possible Combat abilities, Ability to leap up to 44,000 ft at a time, Immune to pain, Immune to injury, cannot age, cannot 

Age: Estimated almost 2,000 somewhere in the 1,700's 

Affiliation - Anti Hero, Vigillante

Main BioEdit

Julius Jakhun XXIX was born August 18th 352 A.D. in Constantinople Rome in the wake of the death of the great Byzantine Emperor Justinian. He grew up as a citizen of the Byzantine Empire, his father being a soldier in the great Byzantine army made greater by Justinian. His father was an 2nd Lieutenant in the Byzantine 44th Infantry on foot. He was raised by his mother and older sister Elizabeth in their large house on the western side of Constantinople. In 359 A.D., when Julius was just 7 years old his fathers body was delivered on a stake to their house. It was delivered by the General Fredrk IV, saying that the stake was far to tightly in their for the strength of 40 men to pull out. Of course, Julius was the one who answered the door, and it forever put an image in his head of death and violence. He swore revenge on the Germanic Tribe that killed his father, but the problem was he was naturally a midget child and was almost thrown down into a pit by his father in disapproval as a baby. He was only 3 ft tall. It did not stop him from busting his back side and training with the sword he took from his fathers dead body and hid from his family. He became quite an acrobat, and at age 14 he was drafted into the Byzantine legion. Despite his size, he was a great fighter and killed many men, and because of his size the blood of the enemy dripped down his body and made his skin literally red. He eviscerated everything in his path with absolutley no remorse. Eventually at the age of 25 he met a mystic who saw him fight from afar. The man was impressed and granted from afar, the next time he went to sleep he would be a large 6 ft 8, 399 lbs of all muscle and will have abilities beyond the comprehension of the Human mind. Julius woke up the next morning in the barracks on the floor, the bed shattered under him. He looked at his naked stomach, it was muscle definition like he had never seen before, and he got up and saw the biggest guy at the barracks (it was big for his time but he was 5 ft 11, 190 lbs). He not only towered over him, he was much much bigger Later that time, he was eating breakfest, and he craved much more food, 6 plates full. Later that day he was asked to spar the biggest guy 5 ft 11 190 lbs. They fought, and Julius literally slashed the big guys sword in half, and then he followed it up with a back hand that hit him so hard that he knocked the guys head off his body and killed him. As a punishment he was going to be put to death for murdering another soldier, he was taken to the executioner who was going to torture and brutally murder him. The Executioner and his comrades could not even leave a scratch on him, it seemed to firm to even touch, the swords bent on his back when they tried to impale him. The swords all broke, they tried arrows but those bounced off his chest like little pebbles. He used his pectoral muscles and broke an entire volley of arrows that came towards him in half. He was laughing, and eventually after 12 hours of trying to kill him, the entire Byzantine milita that existed in Constantinople came to kill him. None of their weapons could kill him, the rocks broke over his head. Eventually he decided he had enough, and broke his bonds, snapped a mans neck and took his sword. He sliced open everything in site. He killed the elite unit of the Byzantine with just his feet, not even his arms. He destroyed them with furies of kicks that were unbelievable. After that, he went on a rampage, and ran at what now would be almost the speed of sound. He kept running until he reached water, but he kept running and kept going onto the water. He ran on the water at speeds unbelievable and ran almost across the entire Black Sea to Rome. He got to Rome in 1 and 1/2 minutes. He settled their and enlisted in the Roman Catholic Army. He went on to fight Crusades through the dark ages, and killed almost 10 million Muslims defending their holy lands alone. As soon as he left Jeruselum, it fell to the Muslims again. He lived on for many years. He never aged a day during almost 2,000 years. In 1654, he was frozen in ice on the artic sea for spending too much time there. He was frozen for almost 400 years, until at the bottom of the artic sea in 2014, a fishing troller was trolling the bottom of the arctic sea looking for fish for Bumblebee Tuna Inc. It picked up his body which was covered in a thin layer of ice. The fishermen thought they had caught a motherload, but found it was a frozen body with a thin layer of 6000 lbs ice on it. They were shocked to see the body, and set out for port immediatly. Superman was in the air, because he sensed a body was found, and it was LARGE and it created quite a disturbance in his system. He saw the boat, and went under the water, and carried the boat to port at super speed. He melted the ice around the body, and he had to do mouth to mouth recesitation to the body. It woke him up, but he opened his eyes and said "whooo, are you???" Superman said "I am Superman, who are you??" Julius, revealed a small mark on his body which immediatly caught supermans attention, it was the symbol of the very first elite 4 super heros. Superman thought it was impossible because they existed 400 years ago. He saw, the mark but then knew it was possible. It was Constantino, or Julius Jakhun, the immortal one. He wanted a fight and told Superman "back away", Superman out of respect backed off and stood 18 ft away. Constantino got up and drew his sword and said "its go time", Superman said "no no no, I don't want to hurt you, dont do anything". Constantino said "im not afraid of you", charged at Superman, and Superman threw him through an iceburg. He got up, and wrestled with Superman, but Constantino being to experienced and to smart for Superman threw him 9 iceburgs, and superman was hurt. He jumped up, and broke Supermans ribs with his hammer like arms, and stabbed him through the liver with his sword. He left Superman a bloody pulp, with internal injuries in his skull. He tore a shoulder blade out of Superman back. And he began super speed running across the ocean to the main land. He got to South America, and raided a bunch of secret U.N. bases and stole modern weaponry and decided he wanted to destroy this "main land", because he was angry and thought they were the reason for his exile for 400 years. The entire Justice League ascended apon him, he killed a trainee, and seriously injured all the head justice league people. Just as he was about to destroy Metropolis, Superman confronted him because he had used all his power to heal himself. Superman wanted to kill him, they fought to a stale mate, it was impossible for one to beat the other. Superman was in absolute Kryptonian Rage which brings out the ancient power of Krypton which enhances everything in Superman. Lex Luther saw this as a time to attempt to manipulate Constantino to kill Superman, because he knew Constantino was capable of killing Superman. He attempted to go to Constantino, but the slyness of Lex Luther could not faze Constantino, and he simply left and killed all of Luthers guards. He eviscerated all of the elite guard of Lex Luther. Eventually the Justice League from their hospital rooms in the Justice League base read the legends of the elite 4. They read that Constantino was betrayed, and his only weakness is reversing the spell that is put on him by finding the book buried in the earth in Istanbul. They traveled to the outskirts and found the book, they warned Constantino that they held his immortality in their hands, and that he must turn himself in and surrender. He did not surrender due to his pride, and they read the reversal code in the book, and a white light sorrounded him and he was now a midget, and just a plain old skeleton.Edit

Rebirth as a VigillanteEdit

In 2020, an exterior force threatened the world and the entire force of the Justice League was hopeless and they gave up on their hope. They were not powerful enough, they needed a hero not just any hero. They searched the Universe for heros, but found nobody not even the little hopes could do it, they asked the oracle of Traterka and it told them to seek out Constantino, he is the only hope they have. They of course scrambled for the book, and the skeleton of Constantino, and read the life giving ritual and he was a midget again, and they performed all the rituals for his life and soul to return to his body. They brought him back, and it tooks a long time to bring him to conciousness. They brought him back, and he agreed to fight for them, as long as they would bring back his other 4 best friends in which they agreed. He only said, he would fight as a hero as long as all the elite 5 were there to help. They were all immortal and in hiding. All of them were found, and the Lord of Speed, the Lord of Darkness, the Lord of the Elements, the Lord of the Lord of Time, and of course him, the Lord of Combat. They fought and defeated the external force and absolutley destroyed it. 


Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 12.49.35 PM

Time as a Roman Soldier


Very First Sword


2nd sword


3rd sword


Current Sword


Rampage Gear

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