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Cyan team is a military unit of the GDI of six Spartans. It was one of the oldest Spartan teams.

Detailted descriptionEdit

Cyan team was a heavy infantry unit. It was also specialised in infiltration and sabotaging. Two of its members, Kelly and John, were using heavy weapons and frag grenades and the other three, Odysseus, Michel, and Borg were supporting them. The leader of the team was Borg, a very experienced Spartan and old veteran of GDI. The co-leader of the team was odysseus who took the lead after the death of Borg in Germany.

The team was disbanded a few battles before the end of the Great Human War, after the death of all members except Odysseus and Kelly. After the war, the team became one of the glorious team units, along with the green, blue and grey team.