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Jason Irvine is teenage superhero and young detective, affiliated with The Knights under his codename Cyber.

Biography Edit

A child prodigy with an impressive IQ. Jason is small in stature but high in intelligence. Jason has always wanted to be a hero and he uses is mental and occasionally physical skills to solve crimes and mysteries. It is unknown how he gained his abilities but since he was an infant he's displayed amazing mental skills for his age.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Jason's primary ability is super intelligance, he has nearly limitless knowledge, he also has cyberpathy which gives him the mental ability to hack & manipulate all machinery, x-ray vision, microscopic vision, and optic laser vision which he enhances through a special battle suit. Aside from his super powers Jason is also skilled in martial arts to the surprise of most.

Character Relationships Edit

  • Son of Jonathon Irvine & Maryanne Irvine
  • Younger brother of Kimberlly & Victor Irvine
  • Friends with Chris Jackson
  • Friends with Big Joe
  • Friends with Jonny Pearce
  • Possibly likes Danelle Jackson

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