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"For science!"
—Unnamed Cyberworks researcher

Cyberworks is an illegal scientific research agency that refuses to be bound by laws and ethics. Instead, they see themselves as being devoted to the furthering of scientific progress regardless of the cost.


The exact origins of Cyberworks is unknown to all but a few core members of the group. First emerging in the 80s, the organization grew dramatically during the 1990s. Initially centred solely around cybernetic research, the organization branched out into other fields of research, specifically those that would make it a lot of money.

As its programs grew, Cyberworks began to dig its tendrils into high tech research agencies in order to draw from their pool of available talent and knowledge for its own purposes. It was during the early 90s that they seemed to develop a fixation on “super soldier” programs; creating artificially advanced soldiers that would be comparable in power to a small army. Several competing teams sprung up working against each other in different fields; cybernetic enhancement, chemical modification, robotics and so forth.

This competition seems to have one rather odd side effect; Cyberworks’ creations seem excessively prone to going rouge and leaving the agency’s control. Many of their more successful and powerful creations have all run amok, costing them millions in resources invested in them. In many cases, their escapes have also resulted in the destruction of whatever research created them, leaving the processes difficult or impossible to reproduce.

Furthermore, due to Cyberworks’ rather lacklustre approach to health and safety, as well as a desire to operate outside any legal channels, the organization has been responsible for the creation of several more superhumans purely by accident. Often (relatively) innocent bystander people will be doused with chemical agents with unexpected results. On several occasions, Cyberworks has attempted to pursue these individuals for capture and further experimentation.

When not hunting the horrors they unleash, Cyberworks also invests a considerable amount of time into research and development. The organisation has on several occasions sent agents out to capture super-powered beings, heroes and villains alike, in order to acquire them for study or to duplicate their powers. While this has cost them more then a few agents in past, the policy is still in place and an active part of their operations.

Cyberworks AgentsEdit

At present, Cyberworks does not have any Supervillains on its active roster; however, it is not adverse to hiring villains for specific goals. In past, it has had several home-brewed supervillains on its roster, however, these have almost inevitably ended up going renegade or otherwise not working out.

Cyberworks does maintain a small cadre of highly trained field agents outfitted with the latest in personal body armour and energy weapons to assist its goals. As these agents are often used to capture their rouge creations, they tend to have a high turnover rate. They also maintain a small force of elite agents who are outfitted with low-key modifications, usually cybernetics or chemical enhancements; many wind up becoming test subjects for the latest experiment, and more then a few have been hunted down by their one-time comrades.

Known Cyberworks MembersEdit

Cyberworks CreationsEdit


  • Juicer (Project abandoned pending subject’s immanent death)
  • Paynestryke (went rogue, currently hunted by the organization)
  • Rogue Soldier (went rogue, currently hunted by the organization)


  • Atomic Pimp (Irradiated by Cyberworks waste products)
  • Brick Outhouse (Transformed by an artefact Cyberworks were attempting to acquire)
  • COPPER-X-10 (Accidental artificial intelligence malfunction)
  • Doctor Death (Accidentally empowered through experimental surgery)

It is possible that Cyberworks are responsible for the Ampersand, but if they are, they have not owned up to it. Similarly, some also suspect that they may be the source of replacement bodies for Roboskull. Despite all appearnces, they had nothing at all to do with the creation of Candi-Bot 9000.

While not directly created by Cyberworks, Death Laser was hired by Cyberworks to steal the protype laser; however, he chose not to turn it over to his employers.

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