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The Cyclops tank was a Canadian battle tank with large wheels in the place of treads. It was equiped with a four-wheel drive. It is equipped with a single, high velocity cannon that fires high 90mm explosive shells , and can hold ten shells in its firing tube at a time. It was also apparently very easy to repair. It also seems to have a very low troop capacity for a tank, as it can hold at least four Soldiers.The Cyclops tank was named for it's single cannon, giving the impression of a single eye.

T34 2

A cyclops in a forest.

The Cyclops was a very Light Tank; its armor and weaponry were toned down so as to keep the vehicle mobile. While Canada has to have more conventional heavy tanks in its arsenal, these are rarely deployed against the Coalition of Red Nations due to their slow mobility. While it is quite fast, and its cannon quite potent, it is vulnerable to many things that a heavier vehicle would simply shrug off, including Grenade Launchers and Heavy Machineguns. At top speed it could go seventy mph making it quite possibly the fastest tank of all time, at the cost of firepower and armor. But just like the Seraph it was easy to mass produce.


  • The Cyclops is based off the Gears of War Centaur.
  • A Cyclops is a giant with one eye.

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