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Aleonix and Daemonicai

Daemonicai is the twin capital planet of the enlightened realms. Its opposite is the planet of Aleonix. Its citizens are generally more pessimistic with life, seeing the bad so they can work their way around situations disadvantageous to their goals.

History Edit

Aleonix and Daemonicai were both home to the ruling dynasty of the current NetherVerse, the Imperialis family.

Being the first nation of both the worlds to develop space travel, The Kingdom of Imperialis rapidly overtook the other nations with its considerable experience in warfare and it's naval advancements in space technology, and by the human year of 1230 BC, had taken over both planets and developed inter-system travel network forming a pseudo-thessalocracy between the three core worlds and its external territories amongst the surrounding solar systems.

The Imperialisi were immensely proud of their nation's grand achievements, and thus wanted everyone else to know as well. In our year of 1 AD, they unleashed a fleet of nearly a million space-faring war vessels, and over the course of the next two centuries, the map of their galaxy itself was covered by a single name: The Imperium of the Imperialisi.

To keep the peace, the nations immortal royal family grew a daughter, yes, grew, they bio-genetically enhanced their own daughter whilst still in the womb with the best science had to offer, in the hopes of birthing an artificial deity.

And it worked.

The immortal super-being, dubbed Pariah, wiped out all pockets of resistance forming from the effects of our universe, and in time the combined influence of every corrupted whelp she encountered sent her own soul into a spiral of corruption, to the point of weaking her powers enough that she could be snatched from her realm into our universe, by a special machine.

Climate Edit

Daemonicai-an Surface

The world of Daemonicai is the polar opposite of Aleonix, which is bright, warm, and beautiful.

In contrast, Daemonicai is a dark, cold, and horrific place. It's equator is ringed by massive volcanic flats, populated by rugged miners and hardy farming folk. The midlands between the volcanic canyon-lands and the frigid north is vast, open tundra, with vast resources used productively. These area's also house hundreds of cities and towns.

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