"When you're born free, you just got to be a prisoner.
When you're born rich, you just got to waste it all.
When you're forced with power, you just got to use it, but how?
—Daniel thinking about his disposition

Former prisoner, Daniel "Master Aster" Ash was convicted at sixteen for attempted murder, he was pardoned at twenty-seven due to a gene that he shared with six other people. This gene caused a large mutation in the brain, that could only inhibited by a special bio-chemical substance called "NH-377", skin glands grew. These skin glands produced a highly volatile substance that was very flamable and most importantly unstable. Over a few months he gained control over the power through gloves that helped isolate the substance to his palms, it also helped barrier his skin from the self-produced flames.

[[Image:IMG NEW]]
Daniel Santiago Ash
Created by:
Origin: Experiment Mutate
Category: Superhero/Government-Issued Mutant
Status: Active
Personal Data
Real Name: Daniel Santiago Ash
Known Aliases: Master Aster,

Valeamus N-6

Species: Human-Mutate
Age: 27
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 190 pounds
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: United States, Mexican-American
Place of Birth: Tombstone, Arizona
Date of Birth: 07, 16, 1985
Current Residence: Corena City, Arizona
Affiliation: Valeamus
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Joesph Ash (Father), Maria Ash (Mother), Dante Ash (Elder Brother)
Known Powers
Bio-Chemical Based Pyrokenesis, Fire Based Flight
Training / Abilities
Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Endurance, Naturally Produced Flamable Bio-Chemical
Bullet Proof Plate Armour, Specialized Gloves For Pyrokenesis, Compact Glock 20, Knife

Origin Edit

Born in Tombstone, Arizona. Daniel Ash, born Daniel Santiago Ash, was brought up in the poor suburbs. Though peaceful, his family was threatened by crime boss Lucien Nostra, Nostra who owned many of the bulidings in the area had tried to buy out the stores that Joseph Ash, Daniel's Father, owned. Lucien pressured Joseph to sell the property to him, though he refused. This caused Lucien to threaten the Ash Family, Joesph refused again, this caused many of Lucien's subordinates to question him, prompting Lucien to think that Joesph if he wouldn't give up will cause a civil war in his crime family.

Lucien found a loop hole, he sent a hit squad to kill Daniel's family save Daniel himself, so that he could basically take the property from the only heir. It worked as Joesph, Maria, and Dante were killed, Lucien was there to bask in a prideful victory, when the police showed. Ironically, the police were uncorrupted by Lucien and were caught in a firefight with the hit squad and Lucien. Most of the hitmen were killed along with Lucien. The freedom of Tombstone came with a price.

Daniel left financial control to his uncle, and moved to live with him in Corena City. He began to spiral into a depressive crime spree. This led to an attempted murder that Daniel Ash did at sixteen, causing a bully to go into a blunt-force truma induced coma for three years, Daniel was trialed as an adult and sent to thirty years of jail. The bully had gotten into a coma as a result.

Eleven years later, Daniel was ordered to meet a doctor named Alex Aves, one of the original creators of N-H377 and a Valeamus mutant, for a blood test had proven that he could have had the gene. Daniel, though a criminal was considered harmless, except when he would lose his temper.

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