Description: His true form cannot be percieved by any lifeform. The form most percieve him in is a large horned all black humanoid form.

History: The Dark One was spawned from the primordial chaotic void that preceded the Omniverse. When the omniverse came into existence it started an apocalyptic rampage of destruction. It eventually came into contact with an immensely powerful unnamed being. This being and him fought each other in a clash of titans. In the end he was defeated and imprisoned, but not before spawning a dark counterpart of the one that imprisoned him.


  • Corruption: can corrupt and control even the most powerful of dark forces
  • Immense strength: enough physical power to take on virtually any opponent
  • Dark conversion: sends out a wave that converts any surrounding matter into dark energy for his consumption to make himself stronger
  • Void: a massive blackhole in his chest capable of consuming entire universes
  • Space: His powers are pushed to their maximum while in outer space.

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