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Vital statistics
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Gender Male
Race Mutant
Faction Mutant Alliance
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Status Leader of the Blade Battalion
Current Location

Darkblade was a supervillain and the leader of the Blade Battalion, the strongest battalion in the Mutant Alliance. He was one of the most feared enemies of the UN as he caused a tremendous number of casualties to them. In the Mutant Alliance, he holds a high position as one of the most trusted persons of Amalgam.


Early lifeEdit

Darkblade, his true name is unknown, was born in the state of Nevada in a secret American laboratory as an experiement result. The scientists were trying to create a form of superhuman and then clone it in order to enhance the American army. Despite their success in this experiement, Darkblade was proven very strong for them and escape from the lab, killing all scientists.

Joining the SyndicateEdit

After his escape from the laboratory, Darkblade became a criminal of a small faction of criminals, the Syndicate of Nevada, that had scared the whole state. He spent his next years as a assassin, killing people for a living. In the next years, darkblade was used as a killing machine. However, he had developed a higher intelligence and soon seeked a way to become the new leader. When the leader of the Syndicate died, darkblade took advantage of the situation and, in a cunning way, assassinated any other candidade for the position of the leader. Before he closes the age of 25, he was the new leader of the Syndicate.

Meeting AmalgamEdit

One year passed from this event. Darkblade's syndicate was growing in size and a new kind of members were joining. Darkblade knew he wasn't the only one with special powers. He soon found these people were stronger and faster than normal people, just like him. Darkblade soon call these member to find out the reason he was so special.