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Darklings the the Shadow-verse's version of Gremlins, Goblins, and Imps all rolled into one, annoying and dangerous beast. They infest most of the drifting planets, and are as hard to kill as cockroaches (If cockroaches were the size of humans). Some races, such as the Shades, have all but exterminated their home world's infestations, but with every new planet conquered another breed of Darklings is discovered.

Darkling BreedsEdit

  • Makkura Honba Darkling: The Darklings that are indigenous to the Shade home planet of Makkura Honba. They are thin, fast-moving, and mischievous. Their favorite meal is young Shade Children who wander too far from their villages. Since most of the Darkling population on Makkura Honba has been exterminated however, they have merely became the stuff of nightmares amongst young Shades.
  • Ermetico Mondo Darkling: Similar in appearance and mischievous ways of their Makkura Honba cousins, the Darklings of Ermetico Mondo have long tails and three, spine-like protrusions on their backs.
  • Mittsu Yochi Darkling: The Mittsu Yochi Darklings are the only breed which have wings and the ability of flight. This makes them much harder to deal with then their land-locked Makkura Honba and Ermetico Mondo counterparts. They also have the ability to feed off of spirit energy that is constantly emitting from the members of the Henkan race.

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