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Created by:
Origin: None
Category: Martial Arts/Weapons
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Mark Warrenson
Known Aliases: None
Species: Human
Age: 50
Height: 1.83m
Weight: Average
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: None
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Extensive martial arts and weapons training
Specially designed long-handled blade weapon
Seems to be aging slower then normal

Once a vigilante, Darkmoon resorted to ever increasingly brutal methods in his crusade for justice, resulting in his being seen as just as much a criminal as those he hunts.


Growing up in a poor neighbourhood, Mark Warrenson’s life was touched by tragedy at an early age. His parents were gunned down in cold blood in front of him, caught in the crossfire of gang warfare that neither was involved with. The incident shattered him; traumatised by their sudden, violent deaths, he resolved to do something to put things to rights. Training himself as he grew, he developed an alter-ego for himself, the mysterious crime-fighter known as Darkmoon.

Debuting in the mid 70s, Darkmoon initially cut a rather dashing and mysterious figure; in spite of his youth, his appearance was somewhat dramatic and enigmatic. During one operation, he met the Scarlet Mask, the older crimefighter taking a liking to his younger compatriot. The pair of them worked together for several years, combating various opponents, both mundane and super-powered.

However, matters came to a head in 1978 when Darkmoon tracked down one of the gang leaders who had been responsible for his parent’s death. He and Scarlet Mask defeated the man, however, a heated argument broke out between the pair of them on how to deal with him. Scarlet mask felt that they should bring him to justice, while Darkmoon felt that he should be killed for his crimes. Scarlet Mask countered that it was not their place to decide who lives and who dies – an opinion that Darkmoon couldn’t abide by. On the spot, he dissolved their partnership, fleeing the site.

A month later, he re-appeared; as the crime boss was being taken to court, Darkmoon struck, leaping form the crowd, he ran him through with his staff-blade, killing him on the spot. As police and onlookers watched in shock, he then leaped away. Immediately, Darkmoon was declared an outlaw for his actions.

For the next decade, Darkmoon would lurk on the fringes of society, dispensing his own form of justice. While initially fighting just criminals, in 1985 he murdered the costumed crime-fighter Redeemer; the reasons are unknown, however, Redeemer was considered a hero at the time. This resulted in a clash between him and the Scarlet Mask; while the battle was inconclusive, Darkmoon escaped, vowing revenge on the Mask.

He and the Mask would clash several times over the coming years. During the 90s, Darkmoon gained a certain degree of infamy and popularity amongst those who felt that the justice system was too “soft” on criminals; this trend ended with his rather brutal and grisly execution of the popular winged Superheroine Swallow for reasons that are still unclear.

In 2005, he learned that the second gang leader who had been responsible for his parents’ death had been captured and was bought to trial; furthermore, he was being exceptionally well guarded. Frustrated at the thought of not being able to kill the man himself, he instead tried to engineer events to have the trial dismissed so that he could deliver his own brand of justice. To this end, he engineered the death of Gwen DeWitt, one of the lawyers on the trial.

Unbeknownst to him, this lead to Kyle West, Gwen’s fiancée, hunting him for her murder. This resulted in Kyle joining forces with the Scarlet Mask and, in turn, adopting the identity of Darkmoon’s arch-nemesis. Unaware of this, Darkmoon has instead been faced with a suddenly rejuvenated Scarlet Mask who seems to be more determined then ever to stop him.


While he has no inherent superpowers, much like his former ally the Scarlet Mask, Darkmoon is far from defenceless. Years of training in the martial arts make him a very flexible and very adaptable opponent, as well as giving him numerous ways to harm his foes. He prefers to adapt his style to suit his opponent, using the best selection of moves and strikes to best counter his opponent’s skills. He never holds back, preferring to use the most lethal methods available to him.

In addition to his martial arts skills, Darkmoon uses a specially designed staff weapon, the end of which contains a sharpened blade. As with his martial arts skills, he will gladly use the weapon to deadly effect unless he needs his opponent alive if needs be. He also carries an array of throwing knives, while his costume is actually well armoured.

Darkmoon is a skilled tactician and, in spite of his bloodthirsty nature, actually a rather capable stalker. He studies his foes, trying to best analyse their abilities before striking at a time of his choosing.


Mark Warrenson seems to have forgotten why he first donned his mask in the first place, instead becoming an incredibly bitter and ruthless man. While he is still driven to eliminate crime, he has long since abandoned any concept of justice or the law in favour of his own methods. Feeling that the ends justify the means, he is more then willing to do whatever it takes to get what he wants – up to and including taking innocent lives if he feels that their deaths will aid him.

His hatred of criminals is only matched by his hatred of the Scarlet Mask, the man who was once his mentor. In his warped mind, the Scarlet Mask not only helps uphold the system that he feels allows criminals to walk free, but somehow embodies it. While he holds the legal system, the police and anyone else who fights crime in contempt, he sees the Scarlet Mask as the heart of the problem. He has become somewhat obsessed with eliminating him, somehow feeling that it is the Mask’s actions and hot his that have painted him as a villain.

Darkmoon despises those with superpowers, feeling that they are living weapons and too dangerous to live; all such super powered individuals, regardless of their affiliation, should be eliminated for the good of society. He also seems to have an irrational hatred of women.


Mark is a middle aged man with heavy, lined features, dominated by a permanent scowl. Despite his age, he is in good shape, with a muscular and well-toned body. He has small brown eyes and short-cropped black hair. His costume consists of a bodysuit, cowl and longcoat, all in black save for a white crescent moon logo on the chest.

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