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Darkness Man in costume
Darkness Man
Created By: MrFluffman
Origin: Unknown
Personal Data
Real Name: John Dee
Known Aliases: John Smith, Man of Darkness
Species: Human
Age: 200
Height: 7 ft.
Weight: 189 lbs.
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: White
Biographical Data
Nationality: England
Occupation: Superhero/Street Magician
Place of Birth: England
Base of Operations: New York
Marital Status: Dating
Known Relatives: Deceased
Known Powers
Teleportation, Empathy, Magic
Known Abilities
Strength, Speed, Immortality
No additional information available.

"I'm a hundred-year old man, but I feel as though I'm only twenty... What the heck is going on?!"
—Darkness-Man learning his true identity.

Darkness Man is a superhuman who was once known as Dr. John Dee. He was created by MrFluffman, and first appeared in From the Darkness.


Darkness Man was once Dr. John Dee, a spy, alchemist, and more for Queen Elizabeth. The show begins as he is dragged up for treason. He manages to escape using his knowledge of magic, but during his escape, he falls down a ravine, hitting his head, and knocking himself out.

He is shown to be living in present day New York, as a street magician under the name of John Smith. He has no memory of his life as John Dee, except for his first name. While returning to his apartment one day, he finds several thugs attacking a young woman. John attempts to stop them, and is nearly killed until he releases his latent magical talent. Believing the darkness inside him gave him the abilities, he creates a costume, and takes the name Darkness Man, protecting Manhattan from the dangers that lurk at night.

When a series of strange murders take place, all of the victims missing blood, Darkness Man investigates, and finds the blame is upon a group of gangsters known as the Bloodsuckers. After fighting down several of them, he learns that they are lead by the vampire Simon Pure, who attempts to bite Darkness Man, but is killed by one of his own students. The former gang turns into a loyal network of informants for Darkness Man, alerting him of dangers.

In his civilian form, John Smith has begun to date Selene Kole, a rich woman who is determined to uncover Darkness Man's identity. He believes she is a descendant of Queen Elizabeth, even though he doesn't know where the knoweldge came from.

Darkness Man encounters Dr. Dark, a mysterious villian who can control emotions, screwing up Darkness Man's empathy power. He himself falls victim to the Doctor's mechanations before cutting off his powers by filling him with all his emotions, given to him by decades of being alive. John is left to ponder how long he has existed, and recieves an odd vision of his life as John Dee.

The CodexEdit

An old enemy from the England days, Edward Kelly, reappears, and tells John that everyone who was around the day he was executed was made immortal. He summons the executioner, who wishes to finish the job. Darkness Man battles the executioner, who proves to be stronger than even him. While fleeing, Darkness Man learns that Kelly plans to revive Albert Laski, another old friend who possessed something called "the Codex."

After visiting with Nicholas Flamel, who offers his expertise and guidance to Darkness Man, John learns that the Codex is the Book of Abraham the Mage, which offers how to be immortal. Kelly believes that this will explain their long life.

Darkness Man battles Kelly, who is also proven stronger. Flamel appears, however, and manages to destroy Kelly's body, then Darkness Man traps him in the spirit realm. Laski is reborn, and enters the spirit realm himself, in order to deliver the Codex to Kelly. Darkness Man and Flamel follow, resulting in a mammoth battle, during which Darkness Man burns the Codex; the act destroys Laski and weakens Kelly. Darkness Man also loses his immortality.

Flamel reveals that he had planned for this to happen, and then kills Kelly, who warns Darkness Man about "the Elder Race" before disappearing. Flamel then exclaims that he wanted the Codex, but since Darkness Man destroyed it, he'll have to settle with destroying every member of their "species", including himself. Darkness Man manages to dodge his attacks, and, thinking it will kill John, Flamel destroys himself, but leaves Darkness Man with full awareness of who he is, his memory restored.

In the aftermath, John returns to Selene, where he reveals his identity as John Dee. He then departs, leaving her in her shock. Later, she contacts him, telling him that she doesn't care who he is, she loves him. Feeling more at home, Darkness Man returns to prowl the night.

Rise of the EldersEdit

Darkness Man feels troubled; his powers seem to be increasing. Why this troubles him is unsure, but when they have before, it has always been a sign of trouble. His worries are confrirmed when an earthquake hits Manhattan. Helping evacuate with Ironclad and Captain Amazing, Darkness Man is suddenlly pulled underground, where he encounters the Elder crow goddess, the Morrigan. He fights her, but she proves too strong, claiming that without his immortality, he is nothing.

Returning to the surface, Darkness Man comes to terms with his mortality, recognizing that he misses the benefits of living forever. He then is approached by a woman, who is revealed to be Perennelle Flamel, Nicholas's wife. She teaches him some new tricks, and then tells him that the Elders, the original inhabitants of Earth, are rising again. She gives him a strange pendant and then disappears.

Meeting up with Flamel's ghost, Darkness Man engages in another battle with the Morrigan, whom he barely manages to defeat. He then rips off her wings and, on Mrs. Flamel's advice, eats one. He sprouts a wing of his own, and flys to the Statue of Liberty, where he recieves training from Scathatch, another ancient warrior. Another goddess, Hekate, is preparing her attack, and Scathatch teaches him how to use his wing and the new dark magic he has gained.

Hekate attacks, and reveals to him that the pendant augments his power. She steals it and tries to escape in the form of a bird. Darkness Man follows with his wing, and battles her in the air. She destroys his wing and he falls to his apparent death. However, the Bloodsuckers manage to save him, and in a rematch with Hekate, he manages to kill her. He regains his wing, and Scathatch reveals that the Darkness Man mantle is a dynasty, and they are only chosen in times of trouble, when the Elders rise. She also reveals that they always die.

Bastet, another Elder, reawakens the Iron Saint and sends it on a mission to kill Darkness Man, who is severly wounded. She herself teleports in front of him, and battles him. Darkness Man is near death, and Bastet plants a kiss on him before killing him.

As Bastet leaves, Scathatch and Mrs. Flamel appear over Darkness Man's dead body, where Flamel asks Scathatch if Darkness Man can be revived. Scathatch replies that he is too far gone, and Flamel weaps, claiming he was their last hope. Scathatch claims they have one last hope: finding John Dee's ghost in the cemetary. They converse with him, and he reveals that if they rebuild the Codex, he might be able to be reborn.

Scathacth and Miss Flamel manage to recover it from Laski's grave, and return it to John's. Flamel uses it to ressurecte Darkness Man, which gains him his lost powers and returns his immortality. They return to the alley, where they battle Bastet, and Darkness Man manages to kill her.

In order to imprison the remaining Elders, Darkness Man must channel his energy through Cleopatra's Needle, which once held the Elders and can do so again. It is succesful, but Darkness Man's energy is completely drained. He returns home and passes out, as several figures appear. They discuss the fact that Darkness Man will play a critical role in Armageddon, but not much is certain...

The Monster in the BubbleEdit

At his apartment, Dee is shocked to see that the famous comic book artist, Kyle Noonan, has passed away. His son, James, has a desiese which forces him to spend his life in a bubble. Because of this, during Darkness Man's energy channel, he was not changed, but a small amount of air entered the bubble, giving him the ability to create anything he draws. After a mysterious monster kills several people whom the press believes to be responsible for Kyle's death, Darkness Man is forced to investigate.

Darkness Man is suprised to discover he can teleport near the bubble, as it has a high magic content. He confronts James, blaming him for the people's deaths. James sicks the monster on him, and Darkness Man is forced to flee. He uses power lines to destroy it, and returns, threating to break the bubble and kill him.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure appears, and reveals himself to be Roland, John's father. He attacks Darkness Man and throws him through several houses before disappearing, claiming that Darkness Man must prepare for the end of time.

The Great Superhuman WarEdit

Darkness Man was early on recruited into the war by Shade, who urged him to keep an active status in the war. Darkness Man participated in the battle of DC, incapitating Black Magic and summoning a spike, driving it through his chest.

He was heavily wounded by Titan, who gripped him and squeezed him, breaking most of his ribs and cracking his spine. He spent several months in the hospital, cared for by other superheroes, before making a full recovery. An operation was needed on his spine.

He confronts Baron Ruthless, who vicously beats him and tortures him. Darkness Man is rescued by Blackhawk (Able Kane), who is killed by Evicerator shortly after. Darkness Man and Shade then finish off the villain, avenging Blackhawk's death.

The villians launch an invasion of Philadelphai, during which Darkness Man participated. He used his magic to make several statues come to life to defend the city. Black Magic, who has returned, gains control of the statues, and through them, Darkness Man.

Now brainwashed, Darkness Man battled Shade, who was on the verge of losing when the new Blackhawk assisted him, subduing DM. He was later freed from Black Magic's control by Shade, and was absent in the final battle.


  • Teleportation: Darkness Man can teleport anywhere with a high magic content, allowing him to suprise his more magical oppenants more easily.
  • Empathy: Darkness Man can sense emotions, which comes in handy as John Smith, but doesn't really help as Darkness Man.
  • Strength: Darkness Man's strength is ten times that of a normal man, and he is able to lift even a truck, and can tip a tank over.
  • Speed: Perhaps an offshoot of his teleportation, Darkness Man can outrace most cars, and has about the speed of a cheeta.
  • Immortality: After destroying the Codex, Darkness Man lost his immortality, but after being ressurected, it has returned.


As John Smith, he is polite and courteous, and rather funny. As Darkness Man, he is almost bestial, growling and attacking enemies ruthlessley. He does not kill, but will often disfigure or disable opponents.


  • Dr. John Dee was a real person. Read his Wikipedia article here.
  • His name was originally Shadow Man. However, copyright restrictions forced him to become Darkness Man.
  • Edward Talbot, Albert Laski, and Nicholas Flamel where all real people. They are used fictously.

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