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Darksider is a character created by Kenneth Brown, and appears in a monthly comic book of the same name. He is inspired by both Spawn and Batman, and as of 2009, is the Number One Indie Comic Character in the US. He is a full time superhero.



Abel Kane was the son of Martha and James, and, one day, while on his way to work, was shot multiple times from an unkown source. Upon intering the afterlife, he learned that his mission was not done, and was ressurected with a new body, with a psuedo-suit that could emerge from his skin at a moments notice. Deciding to punish men the likes of which had killed him, he begins to fight crime as Darksider.

Early ConflictsEdit

Darksider encountered and battled the Aviator, who had built a pair of self-funcitonal wings, and after two battles, Darksider tore his wings off, and used leftover Chaos Energy to bring them to the ground. Shortly after this, Darksider was called in to investigate mysterious earthquakes in the area. He discovered Earthmover, someone who had been ressurected in a similar way as him. After a ferocious battle, Darksider manages to banish his essence deep into the Core, keeping him from coming back.

Rise of ChaosEdit

As of Darksider # 7, the character has been struggling with mysterious 'Chaos Energy' which is dormant in the world, and summons strange creatures as well as mutating humans. Darksider himself has been infected, and must fight against strange visions inflicted upon him.

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