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Dawn in the night


Richard Francis Connor


In the suit, he has near invincibility, lasers, and the ability to emit UV radiation (both a and b) at many levels. He also can make the exterior of his suit shine bright, causing eye damage


If the suit hasn’t gotten an energy source for a long time, or if a force is powerful enough to destroy the suit. Richard takes the suit off when he bathes



Mental stability



Way above average




Catzy (enemy) Batzy (enemy) Ratzy (enemy) Dr. Pansy (enemy)


Villain, evil genius, mad scientist, mass murderer, serial killer, terrorist. Before that he was a student, then an optometrist, then a professor.


hiding, or attacking a city or person

Richard Connor has always been interested in light. He also was a prodigy, competing on game shown, and built a solar panel by age 9. He entered university at age 16, but was later kicked out due to an accident involving UV rays. The accident was basically that he was careless when trying to recreate the sun's energy, which caused a lot of unhealthy radiation into the school.

He went to optometry school for the title “professor”

Later he proposed that he could find a way for sunlight to be around the world 24/7, by putting satellites with mirrors on them. This was a failure, as people wouldn’t get any sleep and the absence nocturnal animals would throw off the ecosystem. Richard Connor most likely went crazy, and is now bent on world destruction. He built a powerful metal suit to help him, and took the super villain name “Dawn”

He is created by Snowblood.

Dawn’s suit Edit

Dawn’s suit is near invincible. It is made from titanium, silicone, bronze, and even diamond. It has no iron, so it is invincible to magnets. It is equipped with high intensity lasers, light, a utility belt, and jets. It is also solar-powered and water proof.

The suit is coated with a super plastic which is white and shiny.