Quick FactsEdit

Height: No Height

Weight: No Weight

Date of Birth: Beginning of Time

Affiliation: Demons/No Affiliation

Main Rivals: Life, Constantino and his other Immortal friends

Rivalry with Life

They met, and immediatly hated eachother and battled. They went through a great battle, in which life was able to beat death so life could exist. But before Death was exiled to Hell, Death cursed Life and made it so that people die after certain periods of time and are tormented by him for eternity.

Rivalry with ConstantinoEdit

As soon as Constantino was made immortal, Death felt a sharp pain. That sharp pain was that someone would never join him in hell ever. He immediatly just shook it off and thought it was just a dillusion and continued on. But he kept feeling it after 50 years (the max life span beyond the point of Constantinos age) and that Constantino has not come any closer to death at all. He has been getting farther from death. This infuriated Death, and he ascended from hell and started stalking Constantino. He tried to kill Constantino, but it didnt work no matter how hard he tried, not even an injury. Not even a scratch, or a bruise. Death tried for 200 years, but then decided that he must confront Constantino himself in his own demonic form. He found Constantino and fought him but was driven back into hell by Constantino. Death was cunning and got Constantino to lift the curse in the 1600s, but Constantino even as a mortal escaped death and froze himself in ice in the Arctic. Death could not penetrate he barrier of life that sorrounded him, he was not concious, but he could not die in the ice or get older. He was there for 400 years, with death constantly trying to destroy the iceberg he was in. The reason for Global Warming is Death trying to melt the icebergs so he could get Constantino out and kill him. He did not succeed, although he did cause devestation everywhere. Constantino was awakened in 2014 by the Justice League and as soon as he was out Death started following him. But right before death could snatch up Constantino, the spell was put back on Constantino that prohibited death and pain and brusing. Death had enough and tried to convince life to help kill Constantino, of course life said no and shut out death. Death although in the 1200s was forced to die by Death with the leverage of his mothers soul. Constantino tricked Death and astral projected into hell, the cord was not brocken. He hid the cord that keeps his body and soul together. He rescued his mother and returned to his body. He gave his mother and father eternal life by becoming one with life, life happily did it. Lifes soul merged with his mother and fathers souls. Death was finally defeated by Constantino in 2098 when Humans were moved into new immortal android bodies. Deaths soul was extremly weak and eventually died out. In the 22nd Century A.D. Deaths soul was destroyed completly.





Main Form

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