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Death Laser
Created by:
Origin: Technology
Category: Energy Projector
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Nello Pazzafini
Known Aliases: NA
Species: Human
Age: 39
Height: 174cm
Weight: NA
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: Italian
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: Mercenary
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None known
Known Powers
Training / Abilities
Fast and agile, good tactical planner
High-Tech Laser Weapon, advanced communications and sensory systems

Death Laser is a professional mercenary soldier who is armed with a sophisticated laser weapon that he stole from a NATO research unit.


Born in Rome, Nello Pazzafini started out life as a criminal and thug, albeit one with something of a taste for firearms. He enrolled in the Italian army, becoming an expert sharpshooter; however, he found the life in the military wasn’t to his liking, being too restrictive and regimented for him. Leaving the army, he sought other outlets for his skills, turning to mercenary work for a living.

It was during this time that he was given a lucrative assignment; he was asked to steal an advanced laser rifle prototype from a NATO research base. Breaking in, he easily made it past security to acquire the weapon; however, on the way out, he was discovered and forced to fight is way to freedom. Out of options, he began using the Laser Rifle, and was more then impressed with its capabilities. So much so that, after escaping, he chose to keep the weapon for himself rather then turn it over to his employer.

Taking the name “Death Laser” from his new weapon, he again entered into the field of mercenary work; however, this time, he was aiming higher then ever before. The weapon gave him power comparable to the average superhero, allowing him to compete with them directly. This, in turn, allowed him to take bigger and more daring jobs, giving him a reputation as something of a fearless daredevil.

Seeing bigger opportunities, Death Laser moved to the US. Since then, he has been a regular fixture of the Supervillain community, selling his services to the highest bidder.


Death Laser’s trademark weapon is the powerful Laser Rifle that he stole from NATO. An advanced weapon, his so-called ‘death laser’ has an array of settings from simple stun beams to a concentrated blast capable of puncturing the armour of a tank. The advanced optical system built into his headware gives Death Laser unerring accuracy with the weapon, allowing him to hit targets at great distances. He prefers to snipe at opponents from cover, rather then confronting them directly.

Even without the death laser, he is still a capable foe. A good tactician and planner, he always tries to ensure that the situation favours him before committing to a fight. He is fast and agile, and a trained combatant, more then capable of defending himself in unarmed combat. However, if caught in an unfavourable situation, he prefers to flee.


Death Laser sees himself as being a professional, committed to money more then any cause or crusade. While he will never betray or abandon an employer while they continue to pay him, the instant the money runs out he will be off; likewise, he is not afraid to abandon a lost cause. In the end, all he wants is to do his job and get paid for it. He wants to avoid things that would stop people coming to him, and thus cares about his reputation.

He sees superheroes (and supervillians) with a degree of contempt, feeling that they use their powers as a crutch of sorts. He delights in showing how he, a normal human (albeit one with a death ray) is capable of defeating them. He prefers to fight in situations where he has the advantage, liking to stage ambushes and lurk in cover rather then fight straight up.

He seems to be inordinately fond of his gun.


Nello Pazzafini is a heavyset man in his early middle age. He has short, slicked black hair, heavy features and an almost constant grimace on his face. He wears glasses for a disguise (but doesn’t need them) and prefers Italian suits. As Death Laser he wears a bright yellow and purple jumpsuit with a face-covering mask. His right eye is covered by an advanced targeting reticule that he uses rather then a scope.

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