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Defenestrator X
Created by:
Origin: Mutant
Category: Telekinetic
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Doug Fenster
Known Aliases: NA
Species: Human Mutant
Age: 27
Height: 189 cm
Weight: NA
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown
Citizenship: American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Millennium City, USA
Affiliation: Destructors (leader)
Marital Status: Single; romantically involved with Crush
Known Relatives: David D. Fenster (father)
Known Powers
Telekinesis; can lift and move objects with his mind; maximum capacity unknown. Also capable of generating telekinetic barriers and levitation
Training / Abilities

Defenestrator X is the son of long-term supervillain Doctor Defenestrator and a powerful villain in his own right. He is the leader of the Destructors, a small-time villain group.


Growing up as the son of a famous supervillain is never easy at the best of times. The lovechild of a fling between Doctor Defenestrator and an unnamed female supervillain, Doug Fenster spent most of his early years in care whole his father was on the run or in jail. In his early teens, his powers first manifested; whatever it was that had been the origin of Doctor Defenstrators’ had proven to be hereditary to him.

Calling himself “Defenestrator X” he embarked on a career of super-powered crime which, for the most part, was about him breaking things with Telekenesis. While this rampage attracted the expected attention from the superhero community, it also bought one other rather unexpected result; his father appearing seemingly out of nowhere to lecture him on “responsible use of his powers” and “proper supervilliany”.

This lead to a rather adversarial relationship between the two which often served to be just as big an impediment on his criminal career as any superheroes he may have faced. Often he would lash out at his father for annoying him, usually at a point which that he would forget what he was doing and then be taken out. Arrested one time after one of these confrontations, he met fellow supervillain Crush with the pair of them escaping custody together.

Upon meeting her for the first time, Doctor Defenstrator immediately disproved of his son’s choice of partner, which only served to form a stronger bond between the two. Defenstrator X and Crush pledged to work together, creating a supervillain group, the Destructors to engage in the sort of mindless villainy that Dr Defenstrator specifically lectured against.


Defenestrator X shares the same telekinetic abilities as his father, albeit far less refined. Unlike the unclear origins of Doctor Defenstrator’s abilities, Defenestrator X’s are an inborn trait, presumably inherited.

While he shares the same ability to move things with his mind, he exhibits far less fine control and manipulation then his father. However, at the same time, he is also far less creative with his powers; he primarily uses them to smash things. Given time, he could develop his powers to the same degree; certainly he has shown that, when he can be bothered, he can be rather creative with them.

Additionally, like his father, Defenestrator X is able to fly and project telekinetic energy shields. His shields are noticeably less developed, however, and only protect himself.


Unlike his father with his penchant for grand plans and dramatic speeches, Defenstrator X is a rather simple and brutish thug. He has very little concept of long-term planning or organization, with his crimes being little more then “go out there and break things with powers”. He is uncouth and poorly educated, and does little to hide it; however, at the same time, he hates being talked down to. This means that he gets on very poorly with his father, who tends to sternly lecture him on “proper” Supervillainy.

Defenestrator X has a rather short temper and is rather easy to goad or lead on. When angered, he is prone to forgetting whatever he was doing and lashing out whatever it is that is annoying him. This has been something of a liability as he tends to forget what he was meant to be doing. Above all else, he hates to loose.

At present, he is in a romantic relationship with his fellow Destructor, Crush.


Defenestrator X is an angry-looking man in his mid 20s. He has long blond hair and small blue eyes as well as a rather scruffy goatee beard. He has numerous tattoos on his arms which he makes no effort to conceal. His “costume” as such consists of cammo pants, army boots, green facepaint over his eyes and a sleeveless black shirt with a large letter “X” on the chest.

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