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Unit 093, otherwise referred to as Delta 4, was a Mutant Alliance Super Soldier Elite,that belonged to Delta division of the Mutant Alliance special operations forces. He is a fictional Character in the Post Apocalyptia Role Play.

Biography Edit

Like all other MA Super Soldiers, Delta 4 was once human. He was captured, and used as an experiment in the Forced Experimental Mutation Program. He gained enormous strength and damage resistance from the procedure, as well as slight regenerative abilities. Like other Super Soldiers, Delta 4 had his vocal cords removed, and his memories edited. However, unlike the others, his memories and vocals began to regenerate soon after his transfer to Delta division.

About a month after his transfer, Delta division was ambushed by Human resistance forces, and although the Super Soldiers had the advantage, the humans received aid from an unexpected source; Delta 4. The Super Soldier had regained all of his memories in the past month, and had been planning on escaping from Delta division for a long time. The only part of his memory that never seemed to return to him was that of his name. Unable to remember, he merely continued to refer to himself as Delta 4.

He now continues to aid the resistance to the best of his abilities, and continues searching through his damaged memories for his name.

FEM Procedural Failure Edit

The main reason why Delta 4 had regained his memories and voice within a short amount of time, was the fact that the injections used to create the Super Soldier Elites' regenerative abilities had been administered too early in the operational procedure.

When Amalgam found out about this betrayal, she had been furious, and deemed the first 100 Super Soldiers as failures, and ordered them to be executed. She almost punished the scientists working on the program, but stopped herself as the FEM Program was still a work in progress and there would be a few bugs.

The second, third, and fourth sets of Super Soldiers came out perfectly, and Amalgam has listed Delta 4 as a dangerous enemy that is to be killed on sight.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Enhanced Strength Edit

Like the other MA Super Soldiers, Delta 4 has the strength to match many Class 3 mutants. Using this strength, Delta 4 can jump nearly three stories into the air and run at a top speed of 60 Mph.

Enhanced Durability Edit

Delta 4 has immense resistance to all forms of pain. With this durability, he can survive a fall of up to 1000 Kilometers and can survive an onslaught of a 7.62 mm, multi-barrel machine gun (Minigun), and still have enough strength to ran after his target.

Advanced Growth Rate Edit

Delta 4's mental capacity seems to have no limits, as, like other super soldiers, he automatically knows how to utilize any weapon or vehicle recovered on the battlefield. He regained his previous memories faster then any normal human would have dreamed of performing (Although this could be due to the regenerative abilities). He can administer first aid better then any medic, and can even perform surgery with more efficiency then some M*A*S*H (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) Surgeons.

Regenerative Abilities Edit

While he was under Mutant Alliance control, Delta 4's regenerative abilities were very minor, only matching up to Class 1 mutants. However, after unlocking his previous memories this ability increased immensely, matching that of Class 3 or even Class 4 mutants.

Trivia Edit

  • The pic is Timeshift's main character.
  • His call sign, Delta 4, is based off of Halo: Reach's Noble 6.

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