Desto showing his strength when angered by Rancher's antics.

This article, Destro, was written by SheWhoKnows. Please do not edit this fiction without the writer's permission.

Destro is a Class-IV mutant with super strength and the ability to fly. He was a high stakes jail robber before he joined the Mutant Alliance during World War 3. His partner is usually Rancher, although they are ill-suited towards each other, as the latter's antics drives Destro insane. However, Destro believes he is too powerful to take orders from Amalgam, prompting her to kick his ass royally on several occasions. Destro also commonly relies on brute force to further his goals in combat, but also uses strategy after finally trying to appease Amalgam do to his several losses in battle. Lately he has been sucking up to Amalgam, joining her inner circle after several weeks of attempts.

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