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The Destructors are a group of small-time supervillains.

Created and lead by Defenestrator X, the Destructors are a largely “casual” supervillain group. Their motivations are relatively simple; they want to get rich and break stuff. Not driven by any greater ideal or goal, they simply commit super-powered crimes for their own benefits. However, they occasionally hire themselves out to other groups or organizations that need extra muscle. The Destructors have worked with the Three Man Crime Wave on occasion; the two groups are vague allies. Their only true enemy is Doctor Defenestrator who, on occasion, has walked into the group and spent time acting like he’s in control of it.

There are no real requirements to join the Destructors beyond having some form of superhuman powers or ability; they do nod discriminate on powers or origin thereof; as long as a potential member is able to pull their weight. Similarly, while they have no real preferences on powers, they prefer those with a more destructive bent. The Destructors are always looking for new members.


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