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"While there are many kinds of super powered beings, demonic creatures, experimental monstroities, and of course, our extraterrestrial neighbors. The Deus Viri rather ignore those pests and focus on the ideals of all Humans and Human Superiors"
—A monologue from Doctor Abstract about the Deus Viri

The group of forced mutants, known as Valeamus Mutants, that formed the group to enhance the wealth and success of the Valeamus through any means. Meaning bankrobbing, burgulary, arson, and extortion. They are commonly called the Children or the Viri. They take the title of Deus Viri, because of their meta-human powers comparing them to greek and roman gods, yet still refer to themselves as humans. They are also outcasts to other mutant leagues, as they still consider themselves human, yet want nothing more than to excel over them. This neutrality seems hostile to both human and mutant.


Deus Viri Enforcer.

Description Edit

They commonly called themselves by their first name, then commonly call themselves the "Child" of a Roman God, often as a means of showing aspects of superiorty. Example: Eziekiel, Child of Minerva. The Deus Viri are common geared in armor and weapons and have the emblem of Deus Virium on their chest. The armors consist of kevlar vests to high tech ballistic plate armor, and their weapons are made up of firearms and simple blades. They do use their powers and abilities and some even consist of apparel that can enhance their powers.

Known Deus Viri Edit

Feel Free To Make One


Ranks Edit

The ranks are controlled by the leaders and most powerful of the Deus Viri.

Deus Superior -Leader of a sect or group of Deus Viri. They are tend to be at least Level Three to Level Four in Being Classification.

Deus Lieutenant -Second-In-Command to the Deus Superior. They consist of mutants that at classified at Level Two or Level Three.

Deus Viri MindMelter -Level Three Telepaths or Empaths that are skilled in the art of persuasion and interrigation.

Deus Viri Enforcer -Level One Mutants, that solely specialize at physical powers, such as super strength and speed.

Deus Viri Recruit -Young or recently joined mutants that are dangerous as they have not learned or mastered their powers.

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