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Origin: See Origin in article
Category: Superhero
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Angie Alep
Known Aliases: None as of yet.
Species: Kroito-Human Hybrid
Age: 21
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 170 pounds
Eye Colour: Purple
Hair Colour: Shimmering White
Citizenship: Unites States
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Kroito Street, Chicago
Affiliation: None as of yet.
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Matt Alep, Father, Human, Kyoori Alep, Mother, Kroito.
Known Powers
She has the power to adsorb the powers or properties of what hits her.

Weakness: Possible Overload.

Training / Abilities
Her suit, A white dress with a insignia of a shimmering diamond in the middle. Diamond necklace, can resist energy to some extent.

Diamond is a hybrid of a human and a Kroito. A Kroito is an alien species that is similar to humans, but purple skin and eyes, and their body shape is rounder than that of a human.


Diamond's father, Matt Alep had lived in Chicago (Actually one of the world's greatest minds) when an alien ship landed. When the dust settled, it took three days before anyone approached the ship. That person was Matt Alep. He even gave lodging to the ambassador, Kyoori, in his home. Eventually, they developed a relationship, married, and bore a child: Angie Alep. She had a very cushy life, throughout the years, albeit rather boring, until her sixteenth birthday, when she received a mysterious diamond necklace, seemingly out of nowhere. It gave a dim light when she put it on. And she developed the power to turn diamond-hard. Now, there were several Xenophobes around, most notably Blue Tiger. Blue Tiger was known for "Cleansing" young would-be super heroes even before the Kroitoes landed. And the landing gave her a perfect oppurtunity. She was now known for being a xenophobe. A very violent xenophobe. And when she found out about Angie, she immediately kidnapped her (She was 18 by now) and attempted to cleanse her, by putting her in a machine. It first sucked their powers out, then hit them with their own powers to subdue them. When she was placed in the machine, and the machine was activated, the diamond necklace let out a brilliant shine, and caused two things to happen: First of all, even though she did lose her diamond-hard power, the diamond caused her to gain the powers to adsorb the properties of whatever she touched, (This was voluntary), and secondly, caused the machine to malfunction, shooting fire and magic water at her, from some previous victims. She ended up adsorbing it, in a sort of a trance state, creating this image: Angie sitting down in a sort of meditation sit, fire streaming out of one hand, and oddly sparkling water out of the other, meeting together in a cloud of purple steam, lifting her hair up. The magic steam produced blew up the machine, and hundreds of colored streaks went out of the buildings, and into several children throughout the world. The powers returned to their rightful owners. After three years, after coming to terms with and learning how to use her powers, she set off as Diamond, wearing the same dress she wore on the fateful night, (Now with a diamond insignia sown in), and her diamond necklace.


Diamond has the power to adsorb the properties or powers of whatever she touches. (The object touched still retains its properties, and it's merely a shadow of the adsorbed power/property) This is voluntary.

If she adsorbs enough powers she can let them all go in a rainbow flash. This is her Final attack. (What all my heroes have, after reaching some amount of some condtion)

Weaknesses: If she adsorbs too many attacks, she basically frizzles out, rainbow bolts going all over her body, in a flashy and colorful display. She falls unconscious after this happens.


Other than her uniform, a white dress, going down to the shins, with a large diamond insignia going form the chest to the stomach on the middile, she has her diamond necklace, which, when she is hit with energy or the sort, glows brightly and blocks some of it.


Classification 3, as her adsorbed properties/powers are only a shadow of the original item, and this is her only power.

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