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Diavolos are a race of vicious and evil beings, dwelling in the Shadow-verse on their home planet of Ermetico Mondo.

Description Edit

After the Shade Race began to conquer other worlds through use of the advanced Tendrils of Darkness technique, they didn't discover any other sentient life, just the usual Darkling beasts. However, after three other planets fell under Shade control, the fourth held a race of monstrous beings who called themselves the Diavolos. A war broke out between the two races, ultimately ending in the Shades' victory and the near extinction of the entire Diavolos race. Some survived though, going as far as fleeing through dimensional warps which led to god knows where.

Powers and Abilities Edit

Like the Shades, Diavolos are able to manipulate the forces of darkness, but only to a certain degree, so they rely more on their extreme durability and berserk way of fighting in battle.

  • Immense Strength
  • Extreme Durability
  • Advanced Speed
  • Dark-Matter Manipulation: Like the Shades, the Diavolos can use Dark-Matter energy to form wavesof swallowing darkness. Unlike the Shades, however, they are born with the knownledge to do this, while Shades takes years to master it.
  • Black Water Technique: The Black Water Technique is the Diavolos counterpart to the Shades' Shadow-Step ability. Using the shadows as a kind of portal, a Diavolo can "swim" to a new location. Unlike Shadow-step, the transportation is not intantaneous, however the Diavolos are still able to hide their level of strength, unlike the Shades who cannot mask their power level while using Shadow-step

Known DiavolosEdit

Only about 600 Diavolos remain, most of which are in hiding, others have gone missing after stepping through inter-dimesional rifts. Diavolos, like Shades only have a first name, but they lack any kind of title. Their names usually end with different suffixes however. The omo suffix means that the Diavolos is a Male, and with morta the Diavolos is a Female.

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  • Kaitosenomo: Escaped to Eath via an Inter-dimensional rift, and was fused with a human to become a completely new being.

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