He was created to kill the Batman. The Joker created him, using a HUGE sum of money to pay a high tech weapons lab to create him. He was desperate to kill the Batman. He aged 3 years for every day, for 7 days until he was 21 and he stopped aging. The Joker raised him to love killing, and death. He had super strength, super speed, and was a master of stealth and acrobatics. He would kill on sight, if the order was given. The Joker kills for the fun of it, he wanted a successor, but a powerful one who does not need goons. He is completly immune to guns, and knife wounds. He feels a quarter of the pain a normal human can feel. He has 1 weakness, High levels of radiation. In an area near a Nuclear Power plant, he becomes noticably weaker. His immune system is then vulnerable to guns, and knives. 

Pursuing the Batman, and almost killing Damien WayneEdit

Batman, and Damien Wayne Robin were patrolling Gotham like always. That was until, the Joker sent Disciple after him. He attackted out of nowhere. He took Damien Wayne by the leg, used him as a whip to smack Batman back into a pole. He then threw Dick Grayson, almost to his death, 400 ft below.Edit

Batman aliveEdit

Batman woke up, not dead which was a miricale. He only remembered seeing everything destroyed. He assembled the Bat Family and persued him. After a long hard fight, Batman found his weakness because of the condition of his leg. He drew him out towards the Gotham Radiation Plant. They teamed on him, and he was made vulnerable by the Radiation. Batman, does not kill often but he does when he must. He shot Disciple point blank in the heart, and in the brain. He was dead, and gone after a short reign at the top of the list of Batmans worst enemies.


- Extremely Athletic

- Agile

- Superhuman Strength

- Superhuman Intelligence

- Superhuman Acrobatics


- No sense of Morality

- Short Lifespan of 10 years

- Weakness to Radiation


He was the last attempt at a new villian to kill Batman. He almost gave up on those projects after that one failed. It was however,the closest Batman ever was to death. 

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