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Distortion, previously known as Eric Donavin, is a shape-shifting super-villain who used to rob banks before the Makata invasion. Donavin had woke up in a hospital not remembering anything but his name. He quickly discovered his powers when the nurse walked in. He changed into her form, and she had screamed and ran out of his room. Fearing his new ability, he leaped out the window attempting to kill himself. He did... to a point. The nurse's form, he had taken, broke it's neck and died instantly. But Donavin shifted back to his normal appearance, and lived again ! He realized that these powers were a gift, not a curse, and started using them for his own gain.

He later was forced to join the Mutant Alliance, to help train others with his same power, lest an accident caused by Amalgam befall him...


  • Shape-Shifting: Ability to change his appearance at will.
    • Invulnerability: When Distortion has shifted into another form, that form takes any damage he may receive, in place of his original form. He is still vulnerable to anything a human is in either form, but in his original form, it may kill him.

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