Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology.
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A DoctorRed
"Nothing matters to me anymore! Not even my life!"
Doctor Grief
Origin: Experiment gone Wrong
Personal Data
Real Name: Hugo Grey
Known Aliases: Grief, Doctor Grief, The Doctor
Species: ''Homo Superior (Mutant)
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1
Weight: 214 Pounds
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: None, Burnt off in Accident
Biographical Data
Nationality: Russian
Occupation: Supervillain
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Base of Operations: Moscow, Russia
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: None Known
Known Powers
Can Harness "Death" Energy, Super Strength
Known Abilities
LIFE Suit, Large Arsenal of Self Made-High Tech Weaponry

Grief, known by some as Doctor Grief, is a member of the Mutant Alliance.

Early LifeEdit

Hugo Gray grew up in Moscow, Russia, to a wealthy family. Hugo's father was a genius, always working on something new. Hugo grew up with his father, his mother abandoning them.

Hugo learned much from his time with his father. By the time he was six, Hugo could balance tires and replace a car battery. Hugo and his father were always in their large workshop, building something new. Hugo strayed away from toys, and would fix real toys, like vehicles. When Hugo turned 15, his father was transferred to Washington DC, due to his job. Hugo liked it there, and loved his father's job.

The Later YearsEdit

Over 20 Years later, Hugo was a genius. He was still in Washington DC, and testing out a Reverting Cell Refractor. This would spilt any type off inanimate object into cells, and rebuild it completely, stronger and better. 3 weeks after it's creation, the scientists in the building were leaving. Hugo had forgotten his wallet. He walked back to the Reverting Cell Refractor room to get his wallet. The team had activated the Refractor for the night, so it could, "warm up" for the night. The room had to be airtight, and the door would automatically close in a few seconds. Hugo grabbed his wallet, and walked to the door. It had closed. He was still smiling, thinking his friends would get him out. But he knocked on the door, and no one was there. He felt fear for the last time. He stood in front of the RCR, and dropped his wallet. His skin was melted. He gained the power to wield the strange form of Red Energy.

The SuitEdit

Hugo crawled out of the room, in pain and agony. He managed to put on a Bio-suit, and found he was alive and well inside it.

Hugo worked at his home inside the suit, it restrained the energy within him. He learned how to harness this power, and built a suit. He called it the LIFE Suit, and the energy he harnessed, the DEATH Energy. His suit was amazing. It could harness his power, but increase it.

The MassacreEdit

With his newly found powers, and anger, due to the fact his friends left him behind.

He called himself Grief, Doctor Grief. He went from house to house, incinerating his friends and family. He destroyed every one of them. He went on a rampage. He obliterated small towns, made dents in big cities, and killed over 200 people.

The Mutant AllianceEdit

Under Construction.

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