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Domitor in his battle armor.
Domitor the Brute
Personal Data
Age: 312
Height: 7'1"
Weight: 398 Lbs.
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Brownish-Black
Biographical Data
Place of Birth: Shuto Kage,Shadow-verse
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Abilities
Skilled sword fighter, can withstand far more damage than a normal human, immortality.
Recently volunteered to lead a group of Furakushon to rescue Baracuss the Dark from the Verse Grinder

"Tonight, we will not being going to war. We will not be going to battle, BUT, we will be going to rescue the most important key to our kind...Baracuss the Dark!"
—Domitor before passing through a dimensional rift into the Universe of the Supers.

Domitor the Brute is the second in command to the Shade Military. He is considered the toughest Shade Warrior in the entire army, but his Shadow-Manipulating and Kokuei-Shudan techniques are a bit weak compared to other Shades. Recently, he has led a Furakushon of highly skilled Shade warriors to rescue Baracuss the Dark from the Universe of the Supers.


Born in the Shade Capital City of Shuto Kage, Domitor was enlisted into the Shade Military when he was 112 years old. After years of grueling combat training and learning advanced military tactics, Domitor became a titan-like warrior, battle-hardened and ready for anything. After returning from a long mission on a neighboring planet, Domitor was promoted to the second in command of the Shade Military for his great bravery and high Kill-Count.

After Baracuss the Dark was captured by means of the infamous Verse Grinder and sent into the Universe of the Supers, Moravian the Doombringer appointed Domitor as High Shade Commander of the Military until they return. After a few years went by, Domitor received orders from Nocturna the Voluptuous to gather a Furakushon of his best and most trustworthy soldiers and head after Baracuss and Moravian, to either bring them back, or find out what happened to them.


  • Levitation
  • Shape-Shifting
  • Possession
    • Power Mimic
  • Shadow-Movement
  • Self-Duplication
  • Darkness Manipulation
    • Dark-Matter Manipulation
  • Intangibility
  • Regeneration
  • Immortality
  • Superior Strength
  • Full Power
  • True Form
  • Immense Stamina
20080416 114691 0

Domitor's true form.


  • Sword, axe, a mace and a shield.
  • Titanium Shade Armor.


  • Domitor means "conqueror" in Latin.

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