Drago (Thomas Dragoon) is the leader of the Mighty Squad, a super-heroic team of Empire City. He is also known as Armagik of Spalia,


Born in 2027, on a Japanese island called Spalia, Young Armagik was the son of Armaroy, the Dragon of Light, but was abducted by his own uncle, Armaz, the Dragon of Darkness. When Armaz threw him in the ocean while Armaroy was not looking, Armagik actually landed on a boat, full of Spalien sailors, heading towards Empire City. Later, a 31-year-old sorceress, named Seven, found Armagik. Seeing him being abandoned, she decided to raise him as her own and as a student in magic, she then re-named him as Thomas Dragoon. Eighteen years later, Thomas headed towards the Empire Academy, runned by Jennifer Steel after taking it over for Kenneth Steel. Thomas made roommates with Chris Shardson (later became Emerald) and Amanda Skall (later became Cheer). Then one night, he was walking nearby and saw a cyan glow. He investicated and found two large, cyan rings called Spirium, which gave his dragon abilities to be restored and gave him a brand new ability called pychokinesis (cyan telekinetic energy-beam). Coincidently, two meteors fell from the sky, which Chris Shardson and Derek Diamondback found two Krystar Shards in those two meteors, meanwhile Amanda Skall, Brock Enrole and Erica Storm's powers were activated when that happened. After discovering their powers, Thomas and the gang gathered and each and every of them were amazed on their friends' abilities. When Empire City was in trouble, they all teamed up to protect the city from Skullhead (Herman Skall), the city's new villain and the gang's very first enemy, who teamed up with Derek Diamondback to take over the city. Using their combined powers against Skullhead and Diamondback, the gang defeated them and became Electrica (Erica Storm), Aftershock (Brock Enrole), Emerald (Chris Shardson), Cheer (Amanda Skall) and Drago (Thomas Dragoon), together they became Empire City's super-heroic team, the Mighty Squad!


the Mighty SquadEdit

He pretty much appear on every episode, except for spin-off episodes such as the Three Musketeers and Frenzy Unleashed.

Wolf Pack HeroesEdit

He appears in all of them

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