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"You want to fight me? Please... I'll rip your arms off before you make your first step!"
—Duister taunting Necros

Duister is a Level 3 Umbral and one of the oldest members of The Children of Darkness.


While it is unknown exactly what era Duister was originally from, however it is extremely clear that he was born in ancient times by the armor he wears. After surviving throughout the centuries with his Umbral Immortality, he soon found himself taking part in World War III, then later in the Invasion. He had long since been a part of The Children of Darkness, and had usually served as a second in command to the leader until Kagai and Akuma joined the ranks.


Duister usually tries sucking up to whatever Umbral is currently leading the brotherhood, but otherwise he is an extremely cold-hearted being; especially to humans, which he views as a virus that has continued to plague the world for eons and needs to be extinguished. He somewhat agrees with Amalgam's views of the eradication of human life, but being an Umbral he constantly follows those of his own kind.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Duister's powers are somewhat limited, but exceedingly strong. He is powerful enough to battle toe-to-toe with the giant Malum and even the Henkan Warrior, Necros.

  • Super Speed: Duister can change the speed at which his body moves at will, being able to break the sound barrier.
  • Razor Talons: Apparently Duister's normal hands were reformed into sharped talons resembling those of an eagle, though he still has five digits.
  • Black Talons: Duister has the ability to surround his talons with pure dark energy, and release said energy in matter-consuming flying slashes.
  • Regeneration: Like all Umbrals, Duister has regenerative abilities that can heal any damage he receives almost instantly.

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