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The E17 Heavy Assault Rifle (H.A.R.) is a weapon once used by LoV Legionnaires. After the destruction of the Vigilante, The LoV salvaged as many E17 HARs as they could, and brought them along. As the LoV met resistance, they gave the surviving humans the rifles, for self-defense against the Makata. These rae rifles were made with the help of Zero, Metalhead, and Neutron, who based them off of the lethal AK-47. They run on the same, 7.62x39mm bullet, but with a revamp in the metals. This weapon has been called, "Death in a rifle," due to the weapons high rate of lethality. This weapon has an Adamantium bayonet attached to the edge of the rifle, and can fire in single shot, three-round burst, or fully automatic. This also has a reflex sight, armed with a red laser inside the sight. The rifle is also armed with an LED flashlight, which has a radius of 5 feet across, and 3 feet forward.
E17 Heavy Assault Rifle

The E17 HAR.



  • This rifle was based off of the M1 Garand, the AK-47, and the G36.
  • This rifle's picture was modeled and completed by Meat and Taters, a user of Superfanon, and friend of EliteMaster117.

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