Earth-234 is the mainstream reality of the Ravage universe and the home reality of many superheroes and villains.

The divergenceEdit

This reality diverges from the prime Earth-1 reality with the arrival of time traveler Randy Tyler as lightspeed in 1944. In a battle with his clone laser man, Adolf Hitler was killed and the Nazis destroyed. This left an eternal imprint on mankind's history, inspiring many to try and learn how to create their own superhuman beings.

The first superheroEdit

After six decades, American scientists were awarded when a science experiment and strange temporal energy merged Jackson Andrewson, Alex Benjamin and Frank Kastler into one being called tri-man in 2005.

However, this was actually because of a future, cataclysmic event involving billions of Ravage superheroes. This will be the source of every superhero in the low tech twenty-first century.

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