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Earth-A93 is the alternate-universe where Adamantium93's The Coming Storm and Fracture of Time take place.

The events of Earth-A93 were apparently the same as those of our earth, except that there is a fictional city called New Amsterdam in Connecticut. Also, a group of individuals with super powers have appeared.


  • Michael Young: One of the main heroes, Mike was one of the first to acquire his powers. He is a first generation Mutant, 16 years of age, and has potential to be one of the most powerful beings alive. He is currently in the past in a Medieval Era. His fate is unknown. He has the powers of telekinesis.
  • Molly Collins: Michael's girlfriend and fellow mutant, she can turn invisible and move through walls. She is currently in the future with a resistance force fighting against King Alexander. She is the only one who's powers affect Isaiah
  • Hailey Young: Michael's cousin, Hailey is a first generation, 16 year old, mutant. She has the ability to emit light and heat, which can take the form of energy blasts.
  • Alexander Constantine: A 17 year-old mutant, he has large wings growing on his back. He can fly at high speeds and is resistant to blunt damage and force. He was trained by Jake Roberts. He has feelings for Hailey.
  • Madeline Young: Maddie is Michael's cousin, and her birthday initiated the series. She is gifted with super strength, and fought Isaiah to a draw, but she was surprise attacked by Lisa. She was originally in a relationship with Sebastien, who later turned out to be a traitor who was using her. She is now in a relationship with Sam.
  • Samuel Teslar: A young boy who was said to hold the key to the future, Sam was the subject of an attack by Isaiah on his school dance. Afterward, his power to control electricity manifested. He had hidden feelings for Maddie, but was at odds with her boyfriend Sebastien. He later befriended Maddie's brother, William, and snuck along to the fight with Isaiah. When Sebastien turned traitor, Sam confronted him. Sebastien tried to zap him with a taser, but Sam absorbed the electricity. He would be knocked out by Lisa.
  • Jennifer Young: Michael's cousin, she is considered odd by all who know her. She can control sound, allowing her to hear things from far away or emit high frequency sound waves.
  • Isaiah Tafari: Born in Uganda and trained as a child soldier, Isaiah discovered his invunerable skin in the army. He was eventually rescued and made his way to Canada, and eventually to the US. He was informed of how the future would turn out, and decided to prevent it. Becoming aware that Sam could be the difference between failure and success, he hunted him down, but was unable to kill him. This activated his powers. He would later kidnap Molly to get to Michael, and thus get to Hailey. He fought off all the heroes, but was finally killed when a revived Michael "ghosted" his hand inside Isaiah, courtesy of Molly, and used his telekinesis to collapse Isaiah's skull. He was the main villain of "The Coming Storm". He is later resurrected by Abraham.
  • Mr. Zhai: The president of Glamis, Mr. Zhai has his own agenda. He is the adoptive father of Jacob Roberts, and is known to be dying.
  • Jacob Roberts: Adoptive son of Mr. Zhai and heir to the Glamis presidency. He can hit any target and is very adept at dodging. He captured Alex, and later trained him.
  • Sebastian Clark: An underling of Isaiah, he has the ability to control the emotions and instincts of others, making him very persuasive and attractive. The only person unaffected by his ability is Sam, because they hate each other too much. He was Maddie's boyfriend until he betrayed them. Sam defeated him by absorbing the power of his taser.
  • Lisa Maria: A mutant who can travel at super speeds, she often ambushes the heroes. She was an underling of Isaiah, but now travels with Sebastian.
  • Giri Patel: Can communicate telepathically and can read minds. Is very sadistic in his powers. Follows Matthias. Was a follower of Isaiah, but was not mentioned until Fracture of Time.
  • Shannon Johnson: Has the ability to see the future. She was what set Isaiah on his quest, as she showed him the dark future. She left Isaiah when he severly injured Mike. She later returned in the aftermath. She developed secondary powers, allowing her to control time. However, she accidentally sent Molly and Mike into the future and past respectively.
  • Brendan Young: Can detect the powers of others. He used to work for Glamis, but has since left . He set the story line in motion by calling Mr. Zhai about Maddie.
  • William Young: Maddie's brother, he is able to alter the chemical base of anything, allowing him to turn stone to gold or cloth to rubber. He manifested early.
  • Abraham: Probably the most powerful mutant ever, he is omnipotent. Although held under heavy sedation for three years, recent events have allowed for the medication to run dry and for him to awaken. Although he is still there, he is planning an escape. Matthias plans to rescue him.
  • Swordsman: Although it is unknown who he is, he is a large man in heavy medeival armor who carries a sword as tall and wide as he. He posseses some level of super strength, as he can lift and swing the sword with one hand, and yet with enough force to cut down five trees. He is working with Matthias.