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Earth at War is a project started by Odysseas-spartan-53. It is an alternative history project that talks about the Great Human War, a time period that brought drastic changed to planet Earth and to all of its nations.

Summary of the projectEdit

This project includes a large number of battles, characters and events. It mostly talks about the last world war, the Great Human War which was the most destructive and important for the human history.

UN vs the CoalitionEdit

The project starts with two main factions, the UN, which controls the half of Europe and the American continent, and the Coalition of Red Nations, an organisation in Asia that was fighing for the restoration of the USSR worldwide. This alliance reached its largest peak after the invasion in Berlin, capital of germany, but after a few years of battle, the Coalition lost most of its territory and retreated in Russia. The coalition was the first to use a superhuman as a soldier. After its fall, few years passed peacefuly. The majority of former nations of the coalitions had lost a big part of their infrastructure and technology as well as population. However, the alliance didn't cause the same disaster than the USSR did.


WWIII started for real when two new menaces appeared, Japan, which had declared itself an Empire after the fall of the Coalition, and Nod, a extremist religious organisation that would develop in the next years to the most feared enemy of Humanity and UN. The wars that followed between these factions were many, disastrous and took place in almost every part of the Earth. The Superheroes, or Supervillains, were the protagonist in the whole was due to their powers and abilities. Later, many other minor and major factions joined this war. In 2067, almost all nations and organisations in Earth were in war. That was the turning point for humanity.

The alien invasionEdit

When things seemed to get worse and worse, and more and more people were dying in the war, an even more frightening enemy appeared. When humans were fighing for their ideologies and beliefs, destroying Earth, a much stronger entity was watching from above. In 2072, the majority of the nations had stopped the war after realising the environmental, economic and social disaster they had made and decided to cooperate to imrove the condition in Earth. In this year, this extraterrestrial and powerful enity that was later named by humans The Great enemy, unleashed a technologically advanced army of non-human enities in central Africa. None of the currect factions had enough firepower to stop this invasion as they were too weak even for defending themselves. The saviors for humanity and the most important soldiers were, once again, the Superheroes as they were the only


These are the editor that are currently participating or have participated in this project. If you want to join the project, ask the author.

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