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Created by:
Origin: Shade Books
Category: Vigilante/Anti-Hero/Rogue
Status: Confidential
Personal Data
Real Name: Toshi Numoto
Known Aliases: "Boss", "Night Watcher"
Species: Human/Umbral
Age: 38
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200 Lbs.
Eye Colour: Black
Hair Colour: Black
Citizenship: Japanese-American
Place of Birth: Confidential
Date of Birth: Confidential
Current Residence: Tokyo, Japan
Affiliation: Shadow Knights
Marital Status: Unknown
Known Relatives: Unknown
Known Powers
Can blend into shadows and darkness, Superhuman Agility, can see in the dark, superhuman accuaracy, can fuse Chi and his Shade abilities together to form blaster abilities.
Training / Abilities
Trained hand-to-hand fighter, master strategist, expert stealth skills.
Formed the Shadow Knights in 2010.


Eclipse in his "Shadow" outfit.

Eclipse is a fictional character created by Bobby Jones-Bussing. He is the leader of a vigilantes group called the Shadow Knights.


Eclipse's real name is Toshi Numoto, a young man born into a home of abuse. After he turned 16, Toshi ran away from his alcoholic father. He had nowhere to go, except to live on the streets until one day, an elderly couple stumbled upon him on the sidewalk, and decided to bring him in to their home. Living with the couple for 6 years, Toshi wanted to venture out into the world again, and later went to college. He was roommates with a woman named Nika Wong, who was obsessed with dark magic books. He got caught up in it too, and both of them were consumed by what they were reading. Discovering they could blend into the shadows of the night, Toshi and Nika formed the vigilantes group, Shadow Knights. Oddly enough, several people who gained the same, wierd powers joined the team, and became Tokyo's newest protectors.


  • Can blend into darkness.
  • Superhuman agility.
  • Can see in the dark.
  • Can fuse Chi and Shade powers to form blaster abilities.
  • Trained hand-to-hand fighter.
  • Master strategist.
  • Expert stealth skills.




Eclipse is a Class 2 (Body, Spirit), with his unique shadow-manipulation abilities, and hand-to-hand fighting skills, Eclipse could survive the toughest of any opponent.


  • Eclipse is close friends with Shade, another hero in Tokyo.
  • An eclipse is where the Moon crosses over the Sun and darkens the Earth for a few moments.

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