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Kane Pierce is a secondary villain, and one of the enemies The Knights

Biography Edit

Jonny’s older brother, the son of a billionaire fight producer, and the leader of a street gang. His powers first appeared during a knife fight when he suddenly felt a pain in his in his hands then his whole body became numb and he accidentally dropped the knife, when it looked like he was going to be stabbed a blade came out of his left hand. Kane is feared, respected and definitely despised by the likes of the Jacksons, Victor, Ryder, Sanjay, rival gangs, and even his younger brother Jonny who he belittles all the time.

Powers/Abilities Edit

Kanes primary ability is to manipulate his bones, he can turn them into spikes, swords, sickles and other pointy objects. The gerth of his bones increases his agility and durability as well his ability to heal. Without his powers he's a skilled martial artist and a tactical brawler

Personality Edit

Pierce was influenced by his father and thus is cold hearted which is displayed by his relationships with others, he's very selfish towards every girl he dates, he mostly show it towards his brother Jonny who he picks on all the time. Kane is also narcissitic, and arrogant as shown towards his rivals Victor, Keith, and Andre; and people he picks on including his ex-girlfriend Kimberly, and her brother Jason.

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