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"Odd. You stopped shivering." He whispered, the soft breath moving the hair draped over her air just so slightly for her to even notice. She had stopped struggling, the chains descending from the ceiling and bolted through her arm's kept her in place. The crimson liquid running down her arm's had stained them, long trails of slender life oozing from someone soon to be dead. Her white dress was hanging by thread's, her bosom and stomach exposed, her right sleeve cemented to her flesh by the dry blood.

The man snorted, clearing the mucus from his nostril's in a disgusting flare. He ran his razor over the hanging strop, it's silvery blade losing the tiniest of nick's and scratches that had dared to dull it's cutting edge. He looked up, flipped it shut, and set it down. He stepped over the woman, running his hands along her bloodied shoulders. He grabbed her silken hair, and with a quick swing of his arm he retrieved the blade and cut off a thick strand of the tangled mess on her head. She didn't flinch at the sound of slicing; She had grown used to it. Her body was a living testament to that fact. The needle sticking out of her vein's, the thick naval chains bolted through her bones, the shackles around her thin contorted legs, none of it mattered to her as the phencyclidine pumped through her body and the room was onyx in color.

Turning to his table of accessories, he grabbed a scalpel, eyeballing it with sick satisfaction. It cut into her forehead like an arrow through thin air, as he scribbled and carved in German the word One.

Finished with his session, he turned back to his side-bag, and stuffed in his assorted weapons of malfeasance. The only thing left on the operating table he'd used as a makeshift tool-holder was a small package of nitroglycerin connected to wires. He opened the door to the bright outer world, and she began thrashing violently. He bowed, but stayed bent over as he affixed the charge to the door. He took out his cheap cellphone, dialed 911, and then placed it on a few feet ahead of the doorway. He slammed the door, and left the warehouse.

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