Elite 5 HistoryEdit

The Elite 5 was established August 15th 1398 by Constantino, Gregorovich, Muerte, Icarush, and Lady Precteoson. Constantino was the sole founder of the entire operation. He had found skilled warriors with heart, and had gathered them and made them immortal with him, and they gained abilities. They all had 1 thing in common, before the immortality rituals, they were misfits. They had nothing but heart, and raw skill. Constantino was a midget, Gregorovich was a man who had been staring at a clock his entire life. Lady Precteoson was a women who was a gardener without a left arm. Meurte was a man who had never seen light in his entire life and was trapped in a cold damp cell for 20 years since his birth. Icarush was a man who wanted to run, but he had a bone disorder that prevented him from walking. They all came together and joined Constantino, the most prominent part of their personality became their main power. Constantino became the lord of combat, Meurte became the lord of Darkness, Gregorovich became the lord of time, Lady Precteoson became the lord/lady of the elements, and Icarush became the lord of speed. They fought until the 1600s when Constantino was frozen in a block of ice forever after a sailing wreck, the ice was impossible to free him from. They broke up after that, they decided to go their seperate ways and live forever as different people, for they did not know how to reverse the curse.


In 2014, when Constantino was free from the ice, he gathered the elite 5 to fight an external force that was coming to take over the world from a distant galaxy. They now serve in the Justice League on the Elite Council with the likes of Superman, Batman, and Wonder women.

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