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During the Second Schism, two factions were made between the split government of the Elites:

  • Elite Loyalists - Those who were loyal to their former leader, Thel 'Vadamee.
  • Elite Rebels - Those who were loyal to their new leader, Koug 'Masteree.

History Edit

TLJ Zealot

What an Elite Loyalist would look like.

After 'Vadamee was locked away by the rebel leader, Koug 'Masteree, the Elite Loyalists were made. Though they were severely outnumbered by their enemy, the Loyalists were more experienced, and as a result, are evenly matched.

The Elite Loyalists are those who choose to serve beside the Humans, while the Rebels wish to destroy the Human empire.

Forces Edit

To recognize their forces from the Rebels, the Loyalists wear armor that is red, orange, or yellow, depending upon their rank. They wield a variety of weapons, while the Energy Sword is only given to high ranking officials.

Known MembersEdit

Protagonists Elten 'SithineeJimmy Strider
Antagonists Koug 'MastereeIofur Byrnison
Events HONOR Program
Factions Elites (LoyalistsRebels) • Ice BearsUnited Nations Space Command
Stories Ascension: PrologueAscension #1: UprisingAscension #2: RebellionAscension #3: Arising
Extras Origins of the Ice Bear

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