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After the beginning of the Second Schism, two factions arose from the split government of the Elites; the Elite Loyalists, and the Elite Rebels.

History Edit

At first, the Rebels were only small groups of Elites who killed only one or two humans at a time. They were easily stopped and executed at the hands of Koug 'Masteree, and Elten 'Sithinee. 'Masteree eventually cracked after the strain of killing his only kind, and formed the Elite Rebels.

His first step was to imprison the Elite leader, which was easily done. Then, he announced himself as the new leader, and began assembling a force. After a month of pl
375px-1208633000 Rebel 3

What the average Rebel soldier would look like.

anning and training, 'Masteree launched his forces at the humans, slaughtering millions before they could finally make a counterattack.

With the advantage of surprise, the Rebels glassed world after world, when the Loyalists attacked, and stalled them for a week or two.

Now, with an open target, what could stop them?

Battle of Mastus Sadafer Edit

Main article: Ascension Chapter 1: Uprising

A week after glassing their first planet, the Rebels launched an attack on the planet, Mastus Sadafer. However, unlike before, the humans were prepared, and stopped the Covenant ships from glassing the planet.

To counter this, the Rebels sent an invasion party to ground. After the battle was over, the Rebels suffered from moderate casualties, and were unable to glass the planet.

Forces Edit

The average Rebel soldier will usually wield an Energy Sword, and have armor that is colored blue, in order to distinguish themselves from one another. Their ships have also been colored blue as well.

Known Members Edit

Protagonists Elten 'SithineeJimmy Strider
Antagonists Koug 'MastereeIofur Byrnison
Events HONOR Program
Factions Elites (LoyalistsRebels) • Ice BearsUnited Nations Space Command
Stories Ascension: PrologueAscension #1: UprisingAscension #2: RebellionAscension #3: Arising
Extras Origins of the Ice Bear

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