The End of the World has been a frequently-discussed topic that has been around since the early 1940s. Originally, most people of Christian to Catholic faiths believed the world was to suffer from a catyclismic event that would occur on December 21st, 2012.


Some people such as Mr. Clairvoyant have foresaw a very destructive event that would be catergorized as a world-ending disaster, but they were never really sure of what time and date the event would occur. Aftr 2012, many were relieved, but the threat still loomed overhead, as the only remnant of Earth's destruction that would be proved true would be the Sun's final stages, where the star will leave its main sequence and will enter the Red Giant phase, where it would become larger and more hotter and later consume Earth and possibly other planets in the radius.

In XtranormalGeek's UniverseEdit

In XG's Universe, a catyclismic event WILL occur, but it would not be in 2012, it would be much, much later, in the 11th Milleneum and beyond, where the Sun will become a Red Giant and destroy Earth. In other words, this event WILL happen.

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