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EE Man (1)

Two Era of Excellence Grandmasters (left and right) and Protégé (middle), Veteran Tenth Rank

"The soul of man is perpetual. Our intent is direct, simple, and straightforward. Our diplomatic organization aims for an idyllic planet, and if it means superseding governments, and vehemently uniting this nation as one, then so be it. Anyone who gets in our way shall be damned, furthermore; may peace and faith be damned. Understood?"

The Era of Excellence is a corrupt secret society and a scientific research organization, responsible for the creations of the treacherous Elemental Organisms. Founded by Phlegyas millions of centuries ago, The Era of Excellence sought to create an ideal world; a flawless New World Order. However, the corrupt society aimed to accomplish this goal through brute force, authority, and the obliteration of free will, ultimately making adversaries and allies, such as the Union Barrage, their sworn enemies.

Known membersEdit


  • Protégé



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