Early Life 

Eruptus, known as Elon on the planet Qorion. He was born from a long line of Sage's, seven elite generals and protectors of The Thallympus. As the son of a Sage he was gifted with great strength and resilience. Elon was trained in the military most of his life. Soon after, Qorion was invaded by the inhabitants of Poloris for their resources. A deadly war broke out that lasted many years. When Elon was twenty two he reached the rank of High General and commanded four legions. Three years later his father Hycron was killed in battle. Chosen to take his fathers place Elon was brought to The Thallympus, an ancient relic that held the life force of all the past Qoronian since the beggining of Qorion. Sage's were infused with a portion of The Thallympus's which granted them powers and unique ones of their own. With the Thallympus his strength and all other attributes rose dramatically; gaining the power of flight, sorcery, and distruction. Now a Sage, Elon's was given the name Eruptus. 

At the climax of the war, the Polarian warlords learned of The Thallympus and was set to harvest it's power. They sent a large fleet to led a siege to the Qorion capital Citadel but were intercepted by Eruptus and his legions. As the battle went on Eruptus found himself face to face with three Polarian warlords. Losing his ground, in a desperate attempt to hold the them off. He entered The Thallympus's chamber and absorbed a large amount of energy. With his increase in power Eruptus re-entered the battle slaying the warlords and destroying most the Polarian ships sending them back in a full retreat.  

After the war even though Eruptus saved the capital and was revered by his people, he broke a high code of the Sage. Once a receiving your powers you may never take energy from The Thallympus again. Stripped of his titles and dishonred, Eruptus was banished from Qorion.  


Leaving Qorion space behind Eruptus and his legions set out to scour the galaxy. Two years passed since is banishment, his feet has seen and interacted with many sentient races thoughout their journey. One day while exploring they found themself caught in the middle of a galactic battle. Losing part of his fleet escaping they found a near by planet to land on.         

(More intel to come) 

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


  • Qorion Physiology - The natural attributes of the Qorion race - they are resistant poison, toxins, and diseases (except those genetically modified to infect them). With higher gravity on Qorion, the Qorinian race evolved to develop more strength and durability than the human race. If born into a Sage lineage their attributes are far greater than normal Qoronians.
  • Superhuman Strength - Born to a Sage lineage Eruptus can lift over 35 tons, far exceeding those of a normal Qoronan. After becoming a Sage Eruptus's strength increase to 50 tons. From absorbing more energy life force from The Thrallympus, Eruptus strength increase to 85 tons.
  • Superhuman Durability - Born to a Sage lineage Eruptus has a higher degree of to withstand high physical damage. Becoming a Sage his durability increased to withstand Polarian artillery and repeated strikes from three Polarian warlords. After absorbing more energy life force he is able to withstand greater impact forces.
  • Superhuman Stamina - As a Sage his highly advanced musculature produces considerably less fatigue toxins. Eruptus is able to exert himself physically at peak capacity for several days before he start to build up fatigue toxins. Without using his magic or destruction force he can exert himself for longer periods.
  • Flight - After becoming a Sage The Thallympus granted Eruptus the power of flight. His exact limits are unknown but he keeps his speed just over Mach 5 (3800 mph).
  • Distruction Force - After becoming a Sage, The Thallympus grants each individual a unique ability. Eruptus was given The Destruction Force, He is able to emit powerful explosive attacks and projections.
  • Magic - Qoronians thrive in both the use of technology and magic. Eruptus has few experience using his magic. He prefers the use of his physical strength over this magical abilities. Though he can still can tap into its source to increase his attributes to release magical projections.. 


  • Qoronian Intelligence - Eruptus has high knowledge of advance Qoronian technology. Due to his advance culture his intelligence is superior to humans.
  • Experience Hand-to-Hand Combat - Raised in the military Eruptus is well trained in Qoronian combat.
  • Qoronian Weapons Master - Training in the military Eruptus is high skilled in using his races advance weaponry.


  • Over use of his destrucion force can cause Eruptus to become fatigue.
  • Not having much training with his magic abilities, with over excessive use Eruptus can tire himself out.

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